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LaVerne exceptional ethics earned her a notable place in history; she was awarded International Book Award and USA Book Award 20 for her authorship of "The World's Luckiest Journal". She received the distinguished Who's Who in Business, Points of Light Award, Notable 2000 Women, and she won 2014 Psalmist of the Year in the Love Music Awards. 

LaVerne's dignity and grace ushered her into the royal court of the Palace of Eze NDI Igbo Ghana, Republic of Ghana. Where she was officially crowned Chief Ada Di Ora Nma 1 of Ghana, which is translated "Daughter Accepted by the People." Daughter Accepted by the People is a fitting crown and title for LaVerne, who is not only accepted but loved by everyone. 

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle is a Philanthropist and the founder of laExpose' Production and Entertainment Agency; that provides representation to 200 artist in 14 countries and has mobilized the laExpose' Book & Music Dream Tour.

laExpose Agency came to prominence with major publishers, television and movie producers; a Dove Award winner with the movie "Discovering Our Mothers" her motion graphics served as previews. 

Among a few of LaVerne's accolades, she was on the cover of Speak Loud Magazine, and she was featured in Equanimity Magazine. Her television appearance includes an informercial "LaVerne Make It or Break It" on KITV in Las Vegas under Hearon Media, and Crystal TV in Accra Ghana and Afrowood TV in Denmark, Copenhagen.  Heal The World Mission, and it's founder Dr.Tola Olukilede, supported LaVerne's  launch of the Extraordinary People Awards 2015. LaVerne's new conquest is digital, she and Publisher Tina Walker have extended the dynasty of laExpose' to publishing. In June, the premiere issue of laExpose' Digital Magazine will be released; the magazine will showcase a global community of diverse talent.

LaVerne's is a shining example that life and a career is an ever changing adventure with many stages and acts to the play. Today she is a multi-media personality, co-producer of three reality television shows under Women of Ruth Productions and she is a much sought after keynote speaker. 

 LaVerne is on the Board of the Hat and Glove Inspiration Breakfast; she works with the Happy Charity, Bingwa, and  Better Globe. LaVerne Ebola Awareness Campaign received a Proclamation from the County Mayor, called "Wear Green Day" for Ebola Awareness Make A Difference Day.

LaVerne specialty is business and personal inspirational development; she is available for consulting, speaking engagements and seminars.