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Virginia King a Texas native has her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from LeTourneau University, Her Masters degree in Business Administration and her Masters degree in Management/Human Resources respectively from the University of Phoenix in Dallas, Texas. With a professional career background in Administrative and Operational Management; Virginia takes pride in connection with others-young women in particular through multiple forms of motivational speaking. Her objective is to reach out to a culturally diverse group of troubled individuals; not only as a motivator but a mentor as well.

Virginia is aware of the many disappointments and adversities impacting lives; which often times hinder us from discovering our true purpose, personal identity and individual mission in life. In point of fact, her life has been the epitome of tumultuous relationships, financial and career setbacks and family crisis. Her other talents include singing, motivational teaching/trainer and currently a new published author of the book entitled, "Seek and Ye Shall

Find-It's A Testimony- which is now available at and Barnes and Noble book stores. Virginia displays the spirit of a “Praiser with a Purpose” and she continues to spread the good news across the Metroplex of multiple states.

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