Lady Lumleys Prospectus 2014 - Page 6

Choosing a Course As a new sixth form student, you have more options and a greater degree of flexibility than ever before. Making the right choice is crucial for your enjoyment and success during your sixth form studies and also crucial for your future options when you leave school. Staff at Lady Lumley’s have years of experience and expertise in teaching A Level courses and can help you make the right choices and select the right combination of subjects. We offer a wide number of courses post-16 at Advanced Level. Full details of all these courses can be found at the back of this prospectus. If you follow the A Level route you will usually choose four subjects to study at AS Level in Year 12. Each subject will be taught by specialist teachers in well-resourced rooms. We also support you through AS General Studies in Year 12 and give you the option to continue this to A Level in Year 13. When you reach Year 13, you will normally continue with three of your subjects through to A2 Level. We always respond to the needs of individual students and some sixth formers may pick up a new AS course in Year 13 or even carry on with four or more subjects to A2 Level.