Lady Lumley's 6th Form Courses - Page 9

ENGLISH LANGUAGE What does the course involve? At AS and A2 Level: the syllabus is designed to include the study of a diverse range of written communication focusing upon how language is used to convey meaning. Students study how language is adapted to suit audience and purpose whilst also reflecting the social and cultural influences that affect language change. The course consists of: the study of a number of topics including: Textual Variations and Representations Children's Language Development Language Diversity and Change Language Discourses Writing skills Language Investigation Original Writing What qualifications do I need? The course is suitable for students who have achieved a minimum grade “C” in GCSE English Literature and, preferably a grade ”B” in GCSE English Language. An interest in how the English language is used and a desire to study further all aspects of communication are vital. Assessment AS Level: Paper 1: written examination (50%) Paper 2: written examination (50%) A2 Level: Paper 1: examination 40% Paper 2: examination 40% Coursework: 20% General Comments This specification offers the opportunity for students to develop their subject expertise by engaging creatively and critically with a wide range of texts and discourses. Students will explore the study of English Language both as a medium of communication and as a topic in its own right. There is an emphasis on the ability of students to pursue lines of enquiry, debate different views, and work independently to research aspects of language in use. Students will be taught to view language as a creative tool for expression and social connection, as well as for individual cognition. Future Prospects English Language is an academic subject valued by universities, colleges and employers. It teaches and encourages students to explore how the world around them affects, and is affected by, language change as well as looking at how language change reflects an ever-evolving society. The subject is an obvious choice for improving your communication skills and can be taken in combination with a wide range of AS/A2 courses leading to a wide range of university courses or forms of employment. The most obvious career avenue is journalism but every facet of our lives requires communication.