Lady Lumley's 6th Form Courses - Page 7

DRAMA & THEATRE STUDIES What does the course involve? Drama offers a range of opportunities to develop practical ensemble skills. It develops knowledge and understanding of major influences in theatre and promotes personal and social development. Students study plays and theatre practitioners through practical workshops. They write about drama, developing their powers of analysis and evaluation of performance and the technical aspects of theatre. What qualifications do I need? This course is suitable for students who have achieved a grade ‘C’ or above in English. A commitment to go to the theatre to see plays performed by different theatre companies is vital. A curiosity about issues and ideas affecting life and a creative instinct for communicating views through practical drama. Skills to work as part of a team working collaboratively to a deadline are essential. Assessment AS Unit 1 – Exploration of Drama and Theatre In this unit you will be required to analyse two play texts through exploration and study to gain an understanding of how plays are structured and interpreted. Unit 2 – Theatre text in Performance In this unit you will be asked to use your understanding and experiences gained in Unit 1 and apply it in performance. In preparation for this unit, you will take part in practical workshops that will help you to develop your performance skills. A2 Unit 3 – Exploration of Dramatic Performance For this unit, you will devise an original piece of drama for presentation to an audience. Unit 4 – Theatre in context Unit 4 requires a historical and directorial approach to the theatre texts. Experience gained in the AS units and Unit 3 can be applied to a set text and a play that is likely to be in excess of 100 years old. Future Prospects Many of our students have gained places at University to study directing, acting, theatre design, stage management, film, teaching, law, events management, architecture, marketing and translating.