Lady Lumley's 6th Form Courses - Page 14

HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE SINGLE AWARD What does the course involve? AS Units: Unit 1 – Effective Care and Communication: This unit introduces you to the communication skills used in health, social care, children and young people and community justice system Unit 3 – Life as a Challenge: This unit explores a range of challenges faced by people due to physical disability, learning disability, mental health issues and social circumstances These units will provide you with a broad understanding of the sector. These core units which introduce a range of vocational knowledge, skills and understanding, provide either a stand-alone AS Level qualification or provide a basis for further study at A2 Level. A2 Units: Unit 6 – Practitioner Roles: This unit aims to increase your understanding of the world of work in health, social care, children and young people and community justice sectors. It also helps you to reflect on your own suitability for different job roles. Unit 7 – Food and Fitness: This unit aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of food components and balanced diets required to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of different client groups and a range of different aspects of exercise which help maintain the fitness, health and well-being of individuals. What qualifications do I need? No specific entry requirements are needed other than those generally required for Advanced Level study though an interest in health and social care issues is important. Written communication is important and therefore a good standard of written English is recommended. Assessment Units 3 and 7 will be assed externally in the form of an examination. For all other units, you will produce a portfolio which will be internally assessed by your teacher. It is therefore vital that you are committed to meeting the necessary deadlines. General Comments There will be opportunities to work in a variety of ways in the classroom including individual research, group tasks, projects and presentations. Students will be expected, under the guidance of staff, to take responsibility for their own learning and to produce their work by agreed deadlines. Future Prospects Health and Social Care provides students with a range of transferable skills. It may be particularly useful to those students who are considering a future in teaching, nursing or social work. There is also the opportunity to explore a range of careers including those in the community or youth justice sector and therefore it may be useful for students considering a role on the prison service, police or youth offending.