Lady Lumley's 6th Form Courses - Page 13

HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE DUAL AWARD What does the course involve? AS Units: Unit 1 – Effective Care and Communication: This unit introduces you to the communication skills used in health, social care, children and young people and community justice system Unit 2 – Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Care Pathways: This unit aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of a range of health conditions, and the appropriate patient care pathways which are commonly followed based on a patient-centred approach to care. Unit 3 – Life as a Challenge: This unit explores a range of challenges faced by people due to physical disability, learning disability, mental health issues and social circumstances Unit 4 – Educating Children and Young People: This unit introduces you to the theory and practice of learning in education. It also gives you the opportunity to plan a learning situation yourself. These units will provide you with a broad understanding of the sector. These units which introduce a range of vocational knowledge, skills and understanding, provide either a stand-alone AS Level qualification or provide a basis for further study at A2 Level. A2 Units: Unit 5 – Learning and Development Unit 6 – Practitioner Roles Unit 7 – Food and Fitness Unit 10 – Diagnosis, Treatment and Preventative Strategies What qualifications do I need? No specific entry requirements are needed other than those generally required for Advanced Level study though an interest in health and social care issues is important. Written com