Lady Lumley's 6th Form Courses - Page 12

GOVERNMENT & POLITICS What does the course involve? AS outline At AS, candidates will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the political system of the UK. The specification concentrates on both how the government of Modern Britain operates, and how people are affected by it. Lessons will be focused on current issues in British politics and students will be expected to have an up to date understanding of the day to day events at Westminster and beyond, so as to analyse them in class. Unit 1 (GOVP1): People, Politics and Participation Unit 2 (GOVP2): Governing Modern Britain. A2 outline At A2, the focus changes to the politics and government of the USA. We shall be looking at both the structure and day to day running of the US legislative system, from the President, to Congress and the different levels of judiciary. Beyond this we will explore the effect of government upon the people of America, and the various pressures put upon the legislature from groups such as the burgeoning ‘TeaParty’ movement. Unit 3: The Politics of the USA (GOV3A) Unit 4: The Government of the USA (GOV4A) What qualifications do I need? Standard Sixth Form entry requirement. Assessment AS examinations Unit 1 50% of AS, 25 % of A Level 1 hour 30 minute written exam Unit 2 50% of AS, 25 % of A Level 1 hour 30 minute written exam A2 examination Unit 3 25% of A Level 1hour 30 minute written exam Unit 4 25% of A Level 1hour 30 minute written exam Future Prospects Government and politics A-level has a natural link to many other subjects, such as history, economics and business. The skills learnt in the course are of general use to anybody living in a modern democracy, but will also specifically help in careers in the Civil Service, journalism or law. As subject requiring a large amount of up to date analysis of current events, the skills it develops are very much valued by employers from many different jobs.