Lady Lumley's 6th Form Courses - Page 11

GEOGRAPHY What does the course involve? The GCE Geography course gives a strong foundation for understanding the two main themes of the subject: Human Geography and Physical Geography. Between them, they’re what make our planet function. Human Geography deals with how people and the environment interact. It also looks at how people and groups move and live in the world around us. For example, students learn about issues seen in the papers and on the news everyday, including issues of sustainability and population pressures. Physical Geography is all about the scientific aspects of our world, with an emphasis on how we can manage them. It debates the impacts of the environment on humans and looks into the future of the planet as we know it. The end result of studying Human and Physical Geography is that students have a better understanding of how mankind and the Earth work together. And it’s not all theory either. Students will need to visit places of geographic interest and get involved in fieldwork. Th