Lady Lumley's 6th Form Courses - Page 18

MATHEMATICS What does the course involve? The course develops skills in three areas of mathematics; core maths, statistics and mechanics. Core maths extends students’ understanding of familiar topics such as coordinate geometry, trigonometry and algebra, whilst introducing new topics such as calculus. Statistics includes data handling and probability. Mechanics covers the study of forces and motion. The maths course covered is the Edexcel specification, which you can access at There are six units AS Core 1 Core 2 Statistics 1 A2 Core 3 Core 4 Mechanics 1 What qualifications do I need? This course is suitable for students who have achieved grade ‘C’ or above in GCSE Higher Mathematics. Equipment A scientific calculator is essential for most units, although is forbidden in the core 1 examination. Some students enjoy using graphic calculators; the department has a class set of these for use in lessons. We also have maths specific software, which can enhance students’ understanding, installed on a number of computers around school. Assessment All units are assessed by a written examination. Each module carries equal weighting towards the final result. General Comments M ][X]X