Lade Magazine Volume 2 - Page 8

Be as the Sun and become warmth for your soul.

The Soul Purge

The Coronavirus has issued a crisis in our community and within our souls. With all the media press around the virus and how one can catch it, how it can be contracted and the data around African Americans being the highest group who contracted the virus and leading in deaths from the virus. It poses the question of what more can one be doing to aid in the healing of their bodies and souls.

Mother Earth has healing powers that were utilized for centuries but in the midst of all the information given the healing powers of the Earth have not been given enough credit when it comes to her healing powers and benefits for our bodies and soul.

It has been proven that many medicines are developed from plants. Plant-based diets are starting to pick up some steam. What if these ideas could be used as a method of building up the immune system that can help to prevent getting diseases and viruses.

Cleansing has been a practice in our community for decades. At some point, we all have utilized a detox to cleanse something out of our bodies in order to be prepared for what we want to enter our bodies.

Barika's Buzz

In this practice of cleansing, there are some popular herbs that assist in not only providing the natural cleanse we need but these herbs can help with health and the healing of our soul.