Lade Magazine Volume 2 - Page 3

So many of us procrastinate and disregard things we've always wanted to do because of the lack of time. WELL, now that most of us are out of work due to COVID-19, there is more than enough time to learn, practice and perfect your craft.


I know, for me, self care has not always been on my priority list. With a full time job, 4 children, and running a business, I tend to neglect MY needs. Although this "break" from life has been unfortunate for most Americans by the loss of income, I can say that I have been fortunate enough to still have an income AND time to actually learn, practice and perfect things I've always wanted to do! Skin care, manicures, pedicures, hair care, and even my diet is getting much needed attention.

I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and God is the Master of all things. If you are reading this, I strongly encourage you to see the bright side of things. Find some ways to stay busy and productive. If you need 10 things to do during this pandemic, please click the video below!

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