Lade Magazine Volume 2 - Page 14

There are no rules when it comes to fashion and now with the spread of COVID-19 and being locked in our homes due to being in quarantine, everything in looks is fair game.

Let's not be fashionistas stripped from our titles. Experts still encourage everyone to get up and dress up even during times like this. The way we dress has a direct correlation with our emotional state so if we’re not looking our best, we’ll tend to not feel our best because our very best isn’t presented in that moment. It is so easy for us today to feel disconnected from reality because of the requirements this COVID-19 crisis lays down, but that doesn’t have to stop our style or sense of fashion and quite in fact has not.

People now have been using social media as their platform for expression of new creativity and sense of style.


Quinswella Dukes

Let’s Quarantine In Style!




#1 The Pillow Challenge

The Pillow Challenge involves taking one or more large pillows and fashioning them into mini dresses with a belt defining the waist (the true definition of “everything’s fair game”)..

The back of you is totally exposed, but the front is definitely runway worthy.