Lade Magazine Volume 2 - Page 11

When purging the soul one has to gather the mind in this process. It is more than just healing the body but it is a healing of the soul. As you take the drive through life it can consist of many different traffic patterns. You have to continue on YOUR personal soul journey because not everyone is going to understand your traffic pattern and it’s not designed for them to know. One has to take the collective parts of Mother Earth and apply her medicine when needed.

We are complicated beings who need each other for many different things, we are now embarking on a time when social distancing is being promoted and the information that is being delivered is all speaking the same narrative. It is going to take a revolutionary act to move us from the norm back to our soul normal.

Take the time to be a warrior that creates the wave, not the one who just rides the wave. After all, we are children of the Sun...Be as the Sun and become warmth for your soul.

Do be discouraged in this time of need, reflect on yourself and how you can purge your mind, body, and soul.


Cleansing the soul during quarantine

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