Lac Ste. Anne County Tourism Guide 2017 - Page 4

PLACES TO SEE LOSE YOURSELF AND FIND YOUR BEARINGS. LAC STE. ANNE MISSION Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta 780.785.3411 Year-round. Designated a national historic site of Canada, this world-renowned pilgrimage site is a natural mesa that extends down to the southern shores of Lac Ste. Anne. Several sacred buildings dot the site, including the Lac Ste. Anne Mission — the first permanent Catholic mission west of Winnipeg Manitoba. A variety of amenities such as food concession stands and shower facilities reawaken for the duration of this annual trek. It is here that the faithful step into the holy waters and become blessed by a priest in the name of Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary. Our enchanting and expansive County is a year-round paradise for travelers in search of something truly memorable. Go for a gorgeous hike along the Pembina River. Acquire a work of art in one of our many eclectic gift shops. Get your golf game on. Be blessed by the healing waters of Lac Ste. Anne. And when your day of adventure ends, decompress in one of our many quaint and cozy dining spots. Looking for a near-perfect family vacation destination that’s not far from home? Look no further than Lac Ste. Anne County — a very special place in the heart of Alberta where unspoiled adventure awaits. BRIDGE TRESTLE #EXPLORELSAC Rochfort Bridge, Alberta 780.785.3411 Year-round. The Hamlet of Rochfort Bridge is home to one of North America’s longest wooden train trestles. Built in 1914, this ROCHFORT BRIDGE TRESTLE structure spans 2,414 feet and stands 110 feet above the Paddle River. Gaze in awe of this ancient engineering marvel, then head into the Trading Post for a bit of local history, a bite to eat and an abundance of unique crafts, books and touristy treasures. There’s also a museum run by the Lac Ste. Anne Historical Society. FALLEN FOUR MEMORIAL PARK Mayerthorpe, Alberta 780.786.4990 Year-round. Four bronze Mounties stand on guard around a central plinth topped with doves aflight. This stoic formation of statues represents fallen RCMP Constables Schiemann, Johnston, Gordon and Myrol, killed in the line of duty on March 3, 2005. The park is both a solemn memorial to these four brave men, and a tribute to those who sacrifice themselves for the protection and well-being of mankind. The gift shop is open May to September. TF GEORGE PEGG BOTANIC GARDEN Glenevis, Alberta 780.203.0331 Seasonal. In the early 1900s, pioneer botanist/taxonomist George Pegg made many major contributions to the field of botany with his massive pressed plant collection, large library of botanical books, and cultivation of a unique and spectacular garden. This two- acre living menagerie is a delight to the senses and a must-see. SUNDIAL-ELEVATOR Sangudo, Alberta 780.785.3411 Year-round. At a height of 21 feet, this unique landmark is one of the biggest sundials in existence. Massive Precambrian boulders surround a central dial formed in homage to the grain elevators of days gone by. Stunning to behold, this monolithic masterpiece can tell time, perform calendar functions, and even provide latitude and longitude coordinates. 1.866.880.5722 E 5.