Lac Ste. Anne County Tourism Guide 2017 - Page 12

LOCAL FESTIVALS & EVENTS Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage Darwell Annual Fair Canada Day Celebrations Numb Bum 24 Onoway Heritage Days Barnburner Music Fest Polynesian Days Threshing Bee Mayerthorpe Rodeo George Pegg Botanic Garden Darwell Ag Drag Alberta Beach Music Fest SnoMo Days Mayerthorpe Agriculture Fair Connections Coffee House Lac Ste. Anne, Summer. Thousands of pilgrims make their way to the shores of Lac Ste. Anne each summer. Many come in search of healing and spiritual renewal. Some come simply to reconnect with old acquaintances and forge new friendships. Established more than a hundred years ago, this pilgrimage has become one of the largest annual Catholic gatherings in western Canada. Darwell, Summer. Come rain or shine, the Barnburner Music Fest has hosted exceptional summer concerts for 12 years running! Held every August, this well-attended open-air concert is headlined by a country artist, and provides a fitting kick start to the Darwell Fair. Past concerts have featured noteworthy country music talents such as George Canyon, High Valley, and Jees Moskaluke. Darwell, Summer. Darwell’s annual truck and tractor pull, the AgDrag draws fierce competitors and avid spectators from near and far. Held the same weekend of the Barnburner Music Fest, this fully- sanctioned event offers an adrenaline-packed thrill. Watch trucks and tractors strained to their mechanical limits, performing feats you just won’t believe possible. Not to be missed! Darwell, Summer. For more than seven decades, this has been the de-facto summer gathering place for hundreds of residents and visitors alike. Billed as a small-town fair with big time fun, this two-day event is chock full of sights, sounds and activities for every demographic. From face painting and a petting zoo to extreme bungee trampoline and the infamous Quad Wars, the Darwell Fair has it all! Alberta Beach, Summer. Poly Days is an exceptionally popular event with a successful 40-year track record! More than 6,000 visitors make the trek every August long-weekend to experience dozens of exciting events and attractions like the parade, sand castle sculpting, and the Alberta Beach Music Fest — all of which are sponsored by local businesses and community organizations. Alberta Beach, Summer. Imagine being able to lounge by the lake, explore a sun-kissed summer festival and take in an amazing open air concert all in the same magical day. It’s all here at Poly Days and the Alberta Beach Music Fest! Proudly supporting the community and unsigned musicians, this event is free of charge thanks to the generous donations of local corporate sponsors. Lac Ste. Anne County, Summer. Lac Ste. Anne County is home to a spectrum of spect 7V"6VV'&F266W'G2f'2BWFF"WfVG2WfW'V"R6R^( &R6W'FFfBFffW&VBFVƖ6W2ffW'2`fBBfW7FfGRbFR'6WFR&W7B6W0&W'FFW"6FFW"&Vv0vf"6W'frW&( 7F( 7VW gVf"vW2V6BWfW'V"vvW6WV6fG&fV&6FRFFRF2vV'6RЦG&v&62'&VvB7F2g&FRfVG0F&RF6VBFFRF&W6r6RB&PGW&VBF&w2bw&FR7B7&gG27V62&66֗FrBv7r&R6gVǐFV7G&FVBFRFRFVRG&7F"F7vF6FRF&W6r&VRB&FRFFR&W7@VFRR^( WfW"F7FR&W'F&V66F26ХvFW"V"&W'FvFW"fW7FfFVF6FV@F7W'FrF&VBBF&V@vFW"V7W&R7'G2Bf֖ǒ&VFVBvFW V7W&RW'7VG26VV'&FrG23FfW'6'#r6F227FVFǒWffVBg&Ц6R6v&RWfVBFgVvVVVB`g&7Gf֖ǒ7FfFW26VFrEb&ǒf6pFW&'6R67VGW&R6FW7BB&R6G&V6G&ׂ6ХvFW"FRVV"'V#B2FRv&N( 0ǒGvVGfW"ֆW"F&76RVGW&6R&6P6RN( 27FVB'FRV&F'B&FW'0766FB67FVB'FR6FF7'B&6r6V"V"'V#B7F'G2@B'V27FVFFRfvpFvF6vR26WFF'2W6FV"Ɩ֗G0vFF&R7GVFFVBF&&W2v&R6RW'F'RW'F'R67&r6v&2B6vv&2g&6&W'0b&W'FF6FV"'6W2W'F'RF6WFRF2V6WFF6vfưg&f"BvFR6rfbFV"62WfVG07V62&&V&6&Fr6b&r7FVW w&W7FƖr'V&Fr&'&V&6rB6FFP'&2Rv( BvBF֗726V6BbF0VFvRbזW"6VB&FV7Fvv6Х7&rbRfRvBBf6VBV&ǐ7VW"gV^( vBF'FRvW&FvRF2VBWfW'VRF266gVvVVVB6VFW2f&WGb7'FrWfVG2W62BVFW'FVBvW2BFPFw2^( B766FRvF6VG'f"FP&6V&FW&VBvF6&FR 6V6WBFRG&fR֖fRBFR&vVWf2Vvvv&FV&p6V6&W'F( 2fW'f'7BFV6&VB7F&0&W6W&6RFR&F2v&FV2&F&FV7FV@6FRBWvVF&VBfFgVǒvVB'FRvV&vRVvr&F2v&FV66WGFPv&FV7G2f&WGbWfVG2f"FRV&Ɩ06VFrVv&FVW.( 2FB'BFRv&FVW&R^( fBVvvr7VW'2FVFVB'F7G2w&VBfBBg&W6WrFV2W'F'RW'F'R67VW"66RSbF2f"2&VVWGFp6֖W2FRf6W2b62Bf6F'2ƖRw&"6R'&Vf7BBFRFRWfW"ЧV"6rF6FW&VBFRFRG0FFRWGFrBW'W6RFRf&w&V@&WG6Rg&&FW2B6G&V( 2&FW2FF6rB&VW"v&FV2F27F6VBvW2rf"G'Vǒ26WFrf"WfW'RD`6wVF6V7F66ffVVW6R6ХV"&VBB7VGW&G7BR6WV7@&RFw&VB7Wb6ffVRF2Vא7G&VWBVFW'6fVGW&W2FRv&b6'F62B7G266&W2bgVWfVG26VFpW&FW"ח7FW&W2B7V6FW"BW60WfVw26V7F2266ǒ&VvV@f"7FrV"6vW'2B6ww&FW'266W'Bg&7&72&W'FcbッSs#"R44426wwr4262