Lac Ste. Anne County Summer Fun Book Summer Fun 2018 Book - Page 16

Summer Program Liability Waiver Community Services Department This document is to be signed by “the Participant”: __________________________________________ together with the parent(s) or guardian(s): __________________________________________ in order to participate in the SUMMER PROGRAMS (including children and youth), and related events and activities (collectively referred to as the “Event”). IMPORTANT INFORMATION We, the undersigned Participant and the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the Participant, are aware that the Event involves inherent risks, dangers and hazards, involving all manner of injury or loss, including potentially serious or life-threatening injury and death, including, but not limited to: a. the use of equipment, materials, or facilities related to the Event; b. the actions or negligence of the Participant or other Participants in of the Event; c. the actions or negligence of Lac Ste. Anne County or its councillors, officers, employees, agents or representatives of any kind. (Collectively referred to as the “County”); and d. Any additional risks arising out of the Event. We, the un ͥAѥаѡɕС̤ȁՅɑѡAѥаɕ䁅ЁյՍ)ɥ̰ͭ́ɑ쁅ѡͥ䁽䰁Ѡɽ䁑ɽ䁱́ȁ䁽ѡȁ́)͔ɕձѥѼѡAѥЁȁ̸͕͕ٕ)]ѡչͥAѥаѡɕС̤ȁՅɑѡAѥаɕ䁅ɕ́)Q<]%Y9d910 1%5Lٕ䁹ɔЁ܁ȁե䁽ȁչȁхєѡЁ$ٔȁ)ٔѡɔЁѡ չ)Q