Lac Ste. Anne County Summer Fun 2017 Book Summer Fun 2018 Book - Page 14

LAC STE. ANNE COUNTY VERTICALLY INCLINED & LASER QUEST Summer Fun for Boys & Girls (10 years & older) Ready for a double dose of fun? We’ll kick-start the day at Edmonton’s Vertically Inclined. In the afternoon, we’ll head to Laser Quest for some action-packed fun! Bagged lunch required. Participants must adhere to the bus schedule; pickups cannot be accommodated. Bus times are subject to change. A minimum 15 and maximum 30 registrants required. Vertically Inclined requires an additional waiver be signed by a parent/guardian. AUGUST 14 AUGUST 14 AUGUST 14 AUGUST 14 T T T T Mayer ܜH [Y\[ۈ[[Y[\H B[Y ]\][ۊBۛ^H ۈYZ[\][ۈZ[[B[\HXX XX]H\B]Y\ ʂ]Y\ ʂ]Y\ ʂ]Y\ ʂTNSH LBTN SH NLBT L SH NBT LSH N B K  K  K  K TPQSSRS S”[[Y\[܈\ \ YX\ \B[\܈H[Y[Y^HوYX[ۈ[\XY8)\[ YYHHZHH\[H]H\XYY[ۘ[\]X]X[KܘXH]HX] [ٙ[\[[]YH\ۈHYY[\]Z\Y \X\[]\Y\HH\Y[NX\[HX[[]Y \[Y\\HXX[KHZ[[][H MH[X^[][H Y\[\]Z\Y UQT BUQT BUQT BUQT BX^Y\ܜH [Y\[ۈ[[Y[\H B[Y ]\][ۊBۛ^H ۈYZ[\][ۈZ[[B[\HXX XX]H\B]Y\ M ]Y\ M ]Y\ M ]Y\ M TSH LBTLSH BTNSH  BTN SH ΍ B    STTSH USQ[[Y\[܈\ \ YX\ \B[\܈[^[\][^H][\\[H8$H\\\[H^Yܛ[[Y[۝ۋH\Kx&[XYݙ\][Y܈YHX[ۋ\XY[HYY[\]Z\Y \X\[]\Y\HH\Y[NœX\[HX[[]Y \[Y\\HXX[KHZ[[][H MH[X^[][H Y\[\]Z\Y ][Y\]Z\\[Y][ۘ[Z]\HYۙYHH\[ X\X[UQT UQT UQT UQT X^Y\ܜH [Y\[ۈ[[Y[\H B[Y ]\][ۊBۛ^H ۈYZ[\][ۈZ[[B[\HXX XX]H\B]Y\ J]Y\ J]Y\ J]Y\ JT ΍LSH NLBTLSH LBT SH BTN SH  B NPSSQTQSTT‰ K  K  K  K ۈZ[وXK[H[K[[HH[Y[X\܈۝X][[[\ܝ\ N[[Y\ܘ[\܈\Y[[] \H[\\ۛܜ[YHH[\HXXܘ[KHۂوۛ^Hܘ[KH[[Y\[YHوZ[][\ܘ[KH[[Y\[YHو[\HXXܘ[KH[[Y\[YHو[][ܘ[H[H[[Y\[YHو[]Y[[ܘ[K[Y][ۋXX[[Hۈوۛ^H[H[YHو[\HXX܈\\[\]Y\][ۜ˂XY[H܈Y\][ۂSQPTԈQ SU K LBˈP