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In support of Jersey Day to honour Humboldt Broncos Established pursuant to the Emergency Management Act by County Bylaw 22-2014. The Emergency Advisory Committee meets at least once annually to review updates to the County’s Municipal Emergency Management Program of Planning and Preparedness. The committee may also advise Council on the status of the Emergency Management Program and any related initiatives. County Representation Alberta Beach Inter-municipal Development Plan Committee Reeve Blakeman; Councillor Vaughan The Alberta Beach Inter-municipal Development Plan Committee was established to create an Inter-municipal Development Plan (IDP) with the Village of Alberta Beach that also incorporated the Summer Villages of Sunset Point and Val Quentin. Planners reference this document when making recommendations to Council for managing or changing land use, and to address growth issues in these communities. Since the initial IDP was completed, the committee has met as required whenever development has occurred within the plan’s boundaries. Given that the Inter-municipal Development Plan has recently expired, County administrators are in the process of updating the plan. This next phase of the Inter-municipal Development Plan will be funded by a $215,000.00 Regional Collaboration Program Grant from the Province of Alberta. Alberta Recreational Lakes Committee Councillor Gelych The Alberta Recreational Lakes Committee is a collaborative inter-municipal initiative spearheaded by Alberta Environment and Parks. Formerly known as Central Alberta Recreational Lakes, the Alberta Recreational Lakes Committee provides an opportunity for stewards and stakeholders of lakes in Central Alberta to address common issues and concerns. Although there are no regularly scheduled committee meetings, an annual forum is hosted by different lake stewardship groups in Alberta such as Pigeon Lake, Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake, Lake Isle and Lake Wabamun. During their annual meeting, the committee’s mandate includes discussing the status of local environments, learning about emerging issues, and working toward maintaining and protecting lake and watershed health. Athabasca Watershed Council Councillors: Bohnet; Giebelhaus The Athabasca Watershed Council works in partnership with the Government of Alberta, stakeholders and indigenous peoples to achieve the three goals of the province’s Water for Life strategy: healthy aquatic ecosystems; reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy; and safe, secure drinking water. This group works to build relationships, share information, and inform the planning and policy decisions that affect the Athabasca River watershed. The Athabasca Watershed Council is one of eleven provincial Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils designated by Alberta Environment and Parks. Vital stewards of Alberta’s major watersheds, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils are independent, non-profit organizations that report on the health of our watersheds, lead collaborative planning, and facilitate education and stewardship activities. 9.