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LAC STE. ANNE COUNTY BOARDS & COMMITTEES Providing valuable guidance and expertise. L ac Ste. Anne County leverages the collective expertise of Councillors, staff members and volunteers in the community to help steward its many boards, commissions and committees. Members gain valuable experience while giving back to the community, and the community benefits greatly from the breadth of knowledge these individuals provide. Boards, committees and commissions whose meetings are managed by Lac Ste. Anne County have detailed meeting information on the County website, including minutes and agendas. Please note that Reeve Blakeman is an Ex Officio member of all committees listed herein. Authoritative Committees Municipal Committee County Council With oversight into all aspects of County operation, the role of the Municipal Committee is to set policies, adopt bylaws, approve budgets, and approve or deny requests. Each Municipal Committee meeting tables many matters that must be heard and dealt with accordingly. Council does so in adherence to the Municipal Government Act, along with any other relevant municipal legislation as required. Municipal Committee meetings are normally held twice per month, but this schedule may be changed as required. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe these meetings. Should a member of the public wish to address the Municipal Committee, an appointment must be booked at least eight working days prior to the meeting. Municipal Planning Commission County Council Established under the Municipal Government Act, Section 626, by Bylaw #26-2008, the Municipal Planning Commission is the purview of Lac Ste. Anne County Council as a whole. In general terms, the Municipal Planning Commission is in place to govern land use matters with respect to subdivision and development within the County. Beginning in 2001, the County trialled a schedule of additional meetings in the months of May, June, July, August and September (usually held on the first Wednesday of every month). This new schedule was designed to take pressure off regular Council meetings. Today, the County generally schedules Municipal Planning Commission meetings throughout the year. Enforcement Review Committee Three Councillors, Rotational The Enforcement Review Committee was established to review enforcement orders that have been issued by County Enforcement Officers at the request of ratepayers. Established by Bylaw 04-2015, WINTER 2018/19 COMMUNITY REPORT 780.785.3411 www. LSAC .ca the committee consists of three County Council members selected on a rotational basis. In accordance with the bylaw, a Council member must abstain from any hearing related to their own division. Members of Council will be selected for the Enforcement Review Committee by the Secretary on an as-needed basis. Meetings of the Enforcement Review Committee are held based on scheduled hearings. When a hearing is scheduled, the meeting at which the hearing will be heard is held in Council Chambers at 56521 Range Road 65. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe these meetings. Advisory Committees Agricultural Services Board Councillors: Bohnet; Giebelhaus; Hoyda Acting as an advisory body to Council, the Agricultural Services Board (ASB) provides vital expertise and resources to help manage weed, pest, soil and water conservation programs; assist in the control of livestock diseases; promote and develop agricultural policies; undertake Council-mandated projects; and assist with the preparation of the County’s Agricultural Services budget. The ASB is bound by the terms of the Agricultural Service Board Act. Bylaw 21-2017 was adopted in 2017, converting the ASB structure from Council as a whole to a committee that included local agricultural producers as integral members. As a result, the ASB now has representation by three Councillors and six members-at-large. Minimally, the ASB meets six times annually, with meetings typically scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of every second month. Emergency Advisory Committee Councillors: Gelych; Giebelhaus; Vaughan The mandate of the Emergency Advisory Committee is to provide a vital connection between County ratepayers and relevant County staff on matters of emergency preparedness and management.