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LAC STE. ANNE COUNTY I thank the community members who continue to provide their support, ideas and comments. It informs many of the decisions we make. —Reeve Joe Blakeman exists in our communities. I believe strongly that well-developed broadband infrastructure is essential for our County and its residents to participate in the digital economy. The pursuit of a robust, accessible broadband solution dovetails with my second mandate of doing everything we can at the Council level to facilitate a higher quality of life for all County residents and business owners. The result of these activities will then become our economic driver. COUNCILLOR HOYDA Division 4 780.674.8080 One of the main motivators when contemplating my run for Council in 2017 was the opportunity to put Lac Ste. Anne County on the map. From close-knit communities and a diverse employment landscape to spectacular parks, open spaces and points of interest, there is much about our County to be proud of. At the Council level, my goals include promoting greater awareness of recreation, culture and wellness within our boundaries, and sharing this story with those who may not yet be familiar with our special part of Alberta. Over the next three years, I plan to focus on what I see as high-level priorities for the County. First and foremost, broadband services need to be developed in outlying areas, and strengthened where service already WINTER 2018/19 COMMUNITY REPORT A common goal of my fellow Councillors and myself is to work on engaging our constituents. At Council level, we fully understand that the decisions we make impact the daily lives of people in the community, and we take this responsibility seriously. By better engaging ratepayers in a two-way dialogue, our decisions become more transparent to the public, and opportunities arise for folks with diverse perspectives to come together and share their ideas with Councillors and staff members. Any opportunity to listen and learn from others helps us as we explore ways to improve the County’s plans, programs and services. Another initiative I feel is well worth prioritizing is the removal of Flowering Rush from our impacted lakes and waterways. Introduced from Europe at the turn of the century as an aquatic ornamental species, this invasive perennial spreads quickly, is very hard to control, and competes with aquatic vegetation native to our region. Looking back at my past year on the new Council, I am proud of the great progress we have made through Council and administration working together as a team. I look forward to continuing the momentum of this progress as we forge ahead into the new year. 780.785.3411 www. LSAC .ca COUNCILLOR BOHNET Division 6 780.786.4290 When I made the decision to represent Division 6 as a Councillor, it was for two main reasons: I felt that I could lend my insights and energies toward making our great County even better, and because I had the time required to contribute to this noble undertaking. As a member of this brand-new Council I feel we have worked closely and collaboratively over the past year, and we have achieved some real milestones as a result. As we move into the 2019 year, there are considerable infrastructure wants and needs across the County that must be balanced with our fiscal realities. At this point in time it is difficult to determine which capital projects to focus on this year. With an extensive region such as ours, the priorities of all areas within it need to be considered.