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WINTER 2018/19 ActivityLSAC EXPLORE COUNTY COUNCIL AGENDA AND MINUTES ARCHIVE ON THE MUNICIPAL WEBSITE UNDER COUNCIL phone numbers of and email addresses of the Reeve and Councillors are published on the County website. We are accessible, we listen, and we are more than willing to discuss matters that are important to constituents — regardless of the division in which they live. equally important issues lay ahead, but with the help of my fellow Councillors — and with the continued efforts of our hard-working County staff — we will tackle these issues to the very best of our collective ability. Economic development is fundamental to the promotion of growth and stability within the County. By leveraging our infrastructure and natural assets; empowering existing businesses; and attracting new industry to the region, we can foster a diverse and robust local economy. I am excited about several business support initiatives underway that I am confident will yield positive results in the months and years ahead. In this same spirit, I am proud of the work I have done over the past year to strengthen the County’s rapport and lines of communication with other municipalities and counties. We have common opportunities and challenges, and we can achieve far more when we work collectively, sharing knowledge and resources between our borders. Development and expansion of a long- term Economic Development Strategy throughout the County is a high-level priority that I will continue to champion over the course of my term as Councillor. In the same vein, I will continue to lobby to establish better broadband connectivity throughout the County. I want to make it abundantly clear that Lac Ste. Anne County is open for business and anxious to grow its tax base. One of the challenges of managing a region the size of Lac Ste. Anne County — especially in the face of diminishing provincial and federal funding — is keeping taxes level while trying to manage a growing County with the assets that we have. In the municipal world every dollar counts, and efficiencies must be sought from each area of operations that place demands on our tax dollars. The County is staffed by individuals who genuinely care, and who are diligent about solving numerous problems in the most resourceful ways possible. With their continued direction and drive, I am confident that we will continue to grow in the right direction. COUNCILLOR VAUGHAN Division 3 780.967.3469 When I put my hat in the ring for the 2017 election, it was largely because I was not in agreement with the way the previous Council had represented the people of the County. I believe that, one year in, we have moved closer to my goal of better engaging our customers: County ratepayers. I will continue to advocate for transparency, accountability and open lines of communication wherever I see an opportunity to improve in these areas. Accordingly, during my past year on Council I have done my part to help effect change that supports the best interests of the County, that maximizes the resources of staff and management, and that helps our region grow ever forward. We have seven members on Council — each with different priorities, but with equal ability to make decisions. Many competing and Overall, I feel the County is operating well, but there are always areas that can be improved upon. The biggest issue in my mind is the upkeep of our roads and bridges. The County must be diligent and resourceful in how, where and when we perform grading, upgrades and the like. With ever-dwindling government resources and a vast expanse of aging road infrastructure, this is far easier said than done. Another area of focus is Fire Services and how we can improve this essential resource to make it even better. The future of the County looks vibrant and bright. Business growth appears to be strong despite economic uncertainty across the province, and I aim to help keep this momentum going in the years to come. I want to express my respect and gratitude to Reeve Blakeman and my fellow Councillors for their leadership and wisdom throughout the past year. I also want to acknowledge the County staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the efficient, consistent delivery of vital services upon which ratepayers rely. 5.