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LAC STE. ANNE COUNTY MESSAGES FROM YOUR COUNCILLORS Public Council meetings are held the second and fourth Thursday of each month unless otherwise posted on the municipal website. Council welcomes all to attend and observe Council meetings. environment should never be at the cost of development. This is a question that is consistently brought before Council: Is there a way to do both? The protection of property rights is a cornerstone of society and needs to be respected as such. Governing matters involving the preservation of the use of property and property rights are some of the most difficult and important decisions we must make. But at the end of the day, the public must have confidence that the rules governing land use will be applied fairly and equally. COUNCILLOR OLSVIK Division 1 780.937.5360 When I first became an elected official 30 years ago, it was to help make our community a better place to raise my family — from championing sports and creating better parks to ensuring schools and libraries received adequate funding and resources. My family has grown and left home to pursue their own dreams since then, but my commitment to this County remains as strong as ever. Though my mandate to help make the County a better place to raise one’s family has remained constant, much has changed. We have more infrastructure to maintain. We have aging roads to repair and ever-growing water and sewer needs to meet. We must also balance environmental protection with the unavoidable encroachment of urbanization. The distribution of WINTER 2018/19 COMMUNITY REPORT I am proud of the progress I have helped achieve to date as Chairman of the West Inter-Lake District Water Commission. Working closely with my fellow commission members from neighbouring municipalities and the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, we have brought potable water to Wabamun, Onoway and Alberta Beach. Phase three of our goal to bring potable water to the lake region is well on its way to completion. This ambitious undertaking is the result of 12 years of hard work and 40 million dollars in capital. COUNCILLOR GELYCH, DEPUTY REEVE Division 2 780.903.9393 I am pleased to report an additional water milestone. The North 43 Lagoon Commission recently completed a 15 million dollar build with the lagoon’s force main and discharge. Both of these commissions are proof-positive that working collaboratively with our municipal neighbours can yield results that benefit everyone involved. Not unlike my fellow Councillors, a desire to affect meaningful change and make a difference in this great County fueled my decision to run for Council in 2017. A little over one year in, I am pleased with the progress this Council has made with many important issues, and I look forward to the things we are capable of accomplishing next — both working internally as a team and in collaboration with our municipal neighbours. I welcome 2019 with a renewed drive to make our great County even greater. I look forward to continuing to work with my fellow Councillors, County staff, and friends outside of our borders. I am confident that by pulling together in the same direction we can achieve some great things for our region as a whole. One of my primary goals was, and continues to be, to improve communication with residents. Whether using the County’s media channels or meeting constituents face-to-face, I will remain steadfast in my commitment to transparency and open two-way communication. You will note that the 780.785.3411 www. LSAC .ca