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WINTER 2018/19 ActivityLSAC P romoting Lac Ste. Anne County as a location of choice for people, investment and business, the Economic Development ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT department delivers services and initiatives focused on showcasing the region and helping local businesses prosper. Creating a strong and diverse economy for Lac Ste. Anne County. Economic Development Advisory Committee The Economic Development Advisory Committee acts as an advisory body to County Council on matters relating to the long-term economic health of the community. Its decisions have an impact on developers, citizens, businesses and industry, and help to shape Lac Ste. Anne County and its business communities. The committee supports economic vitality and development, and makes recommendations on business attraction and expanding the commercial, retail and overall economic base of the region. Business Licenses The Business License Bylaw allows the County to collect business information to focus economic development efforts on regional business strengths. The license fee is $50 annually and used exclusively to administer the program and fund economic development. Many business types are exempted from the Business License Bylaw, including farming, market vendors, most non- profit organizations — for example: Avon, Pantry Chef, Scentsy. The full list of exemptions is included in the bylaw. Business license application forms are available for download at Business-Licenses. Tools to Help Your Local Business Thrive Browse to explore a variety of different publications and resources of interest to County business owners. If you’re searching for a County form or resource not found there, you are welcome to contact the Economic Development department directly. Find Businesses Within our Borders More than four hundred local businesses contribute significantly to Lac Ste. Anne County’s economy. Looking for a business operating within the County? Browse the various profiles and categories on our interactive map at For more information on businesses within Lac Ste. Anne County, please contact the administration office. 23.