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LAC STE. ANNE COUNTY Cultivating a strong and sustainable future. AGRICULTURAL SERVICES A gricultural Services encourages production, profitability and sustainability of the Ag industry in the County through information and program support. The department supports the development of diversified, competitive and profitable agriculture and agri-business industries that contribute to the economic, environmental and social prosperity of the region. Guidance for Regional Agricultural Initiatives The County’s Agricultural Services Board (ASB) acts as an advisory body to Council on issues of agricultural interest. The board consists of three current County Councillors and six members-at-large (consisting of well-qualified producers and/or ag industry experts from within the County). Members are appointed to a three-year term by County Council from the applications received. Weed & Pest Control By means of hand picking, mowing and herbicide application, we’re able to manage the noxious and prohibited noxious weeds within municipal right- of-ways. Landowners who do not wish to have herbicide used as a control method on the County-owned properties adjacent to their own land may opt in to our No Spray Program. Subscribing to this program ensures that herbicide will no longer be utilized within these lands. However, the control of Noxious and Prohibited Noxious Weeds within these properties then becomes the responsibility of the subscriber to control. Alternately, those wishing to participate in enhanced application may also do so by applying to Lac Ste. Anne County’s Fence Line Program. Subscribers to the Fence Line Program give permission to our roadside applicators to extend the reach of application to include the fence line paralleling the County roadway. This WINTER 2018/19 COMMUNITY REPORT 780.785.3411 www. LSAC .ca is performed at no charge, and is a great way to keep invasive weeds from spreading beyond a property’s border. Ag Rental Equipment Ag Services offers a range of agricultural equipment for a minimal fee. Our rental fleet includes ATV and Backpack Sprayers, Forage and Soil Sampling Equipment, Livestock Squeeze, Panels, and Scale, Soil Scraper, Shock Chlorination Tank, Tree Planter and Plastic Mulch Applicator. Awards & Bursaries Agriculture is the backbone of our region. Lac Ste. Anne County proudly acknowledges the contributions of the agricultural community by providing a number of bursaries and awards. To earn more, visit ALUS Program Farmers that choose to steward the land for future generations, while still making a living are excellent candidates for the Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Program. This program is designed to supplement current production while taking marginal land out of ag production and putting it in the production of ecosystem goods and services. Learn more at