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WINTER 2018/19 ActivityLSAC Keeping Structures on Spec The Safety Codes Act, Alberta Building Code, and other applicable codes and standards regulate how buildings are designed, built or renovated to protect the health and safety of the occupants. Lac Ste. Anne County is accredited for Safety Codes Approval in all areas (building, electrical, gas/ propane, plumbing and private sewage disposal) except fire, primary electrical and telecommunications lines. Obtaining Safety Code Permits is a requirement of the Alberta Safety Codes Act. Zoning & Regulations The Land Use Bylaw outlines the uses and development regulations of a particular zone. All permit applications must meet the zoning regulations of the property, including land use, lot dimensions, lot area, etc. To verify the zoning, look at your property within the Land Use Bylaw online, Special Event Permits Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor event, locating it on County or private property, opening the event to the public or keeping it private, the Special Event Permits section of the website, will help you determine the permits, approvals and information you will need. What Does Subdivision Mean? Subdivision is the process of dividing land into parcels to obtain separate legal titles for each parcel. Subdivision is also used for adjustments of existing lot lines, consolidations and condominiums. Only the landowner or an agent acting on behalf of the landowner may apply for subdivision. Land owners generally hire or contract an Alberta Land Surveyor or other professionals to act on their behalf. Subdivision & Development Appeal Board This Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hears appeals on decisions made by the County, and provides a decision based on evidence presented. The board is independent, and makes impartial decisions applying the principles of justice and procedural fairness. Anyone who claims to be affected, and who wishes to lodge an appeal against any of the conditionally-approved developments, must do so in writing to the Clerk of the board on or before the dates as noted in each notice. 19.