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WINTER 2018/19 ActivityLSAC County Fire Services Trained. Equipped. Driven. Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services. L ac Ste. Anne County Fire Services proudly serves our growing and vibrant County with a composite fire suppression model made up of full-time, part-time and volunteer members. Every member is a dedicated, highly-trained professional with an exceptional level of competency, who places a high value on the services they provide. Your Guardian will provide you with proper paperwork to avoid a possible fine for an un-permitted burn. Fire Guardians have the authority to restrict any permitted burning — or not issue a Fire Permit at all — if weather conditions exist or are expected. You are always welcome to call the County if you have questions about fire, fireworks and/or fire safety. County Fire Services currently has just over 100 Firefighters on our roster, accompanied by two full-time staff, being the County Fire Chief and Deputy County Fire Chief, and a total of 6 Fire Stations. Lac Ste. Anne County strongly recommends that residents purchase fire insurance for their own protection. Fire Permits in Effect Year-Round Your Local Fire Guardian Whatever kind of burning you may be thinking about, you need to be aware that you have some responsibilities as a County resident to follow the County Fire Bylaw — which benefits you, your neighbours and the traveling public. Pre-planning your burning can help mitigate problems. By contacting your local Fire Guardian, you will have access to great knowledge about where to build your burn piles, how big and how far apart to build them, and when the best conditions for burning are. Regardless of the time of year, a Fire Permit must be obtained from your local Fire Guardian for any burning you would like to do. This means that at any time of year a Fire Permit must be obtained for burning — with the exception of a backyard fire pit or burn barrel. Note that the County prohibits the use of burn barrels in County Hamlets and in multi- parcel (named) subdivisions. It is unlawful to burn without a Fire Permit and you may be fined per the Fire Bylaw. It is also unlawful to set off fireworks without a Fireworks Permit and you may be fined per the Fireworks Bylaw. Fire and Fireworks Permits are free-of-charge. Keep Your Home Safe Twice a year, your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be tested and their batteries should be replaced. An easy time to remember is when you change your clocks twice a year as Daylight Saving Time begins and ends. FireSmart is Living With & Managing Wildfire Preparing for the threat of wildfire is a shared responsibility. FireSmart uses preventative measures to reduce wildfire threat to Albertans and their communities while balancing the benefits of wildfire on the landscape. We must all work together to help prevent wildfires in the County. For helpful tips to make your home and your community much safer, contact us to obtain a copy of the Alberta FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual. We also encourage you to visit Interested in Becoming a County Firefighter? Taking the important step in your life to become a Firefighter with County Fire Services means choosing a path that is both highly challenging and exceptionally rewarding. It means pushing yourself to brand new personal and professional heights. And it means being a valued and respected team member whose contribution truly counts. Learn more about what it takes to become a County Firefighter at 17.