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LAC STE. ANNE COUNTY BE PREPARED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY FOR A MINIMUM OF 72 HOURS. DISCOVER HOW AT LSAC.CA/EMERGENCY-MANAGEMENT land description; lot, block, plan, if applicable, and the measurement to your approach from the nearest road junction. An easy way to obtain this measurement is to use your vehicle’s odometer and drive the distance from one point to the other. Cost of a Rural Address Sign The cost of a municipal rural addressing sign and placement for residential, commercial and industrial development is the responsibility of the property owner, occupant or developer. Such signage shall be erected within three months after receipt of an approved Development Permit from the Development Officer. A property owner, occupant or developer may order sign(s) through the County, from another supplier, or make their own sign as long as the sign(s) conform(s) to the specifications set out in the County’s guidelines. Enforcement Services Lac Ste. Anne County Enforcement is a “quality-of-life” service that provides residents with animal control, bylaw and traffic enforcement resources. It does not provide emergency response services. In the event of a fire, police, medical or other emergency, dial 911. Complaints and inquiries made after hours will be followed up by an available Officer — either immediately if on duty, or during the next business day. Enforcement personnel will respond as quickly as possible given call volume and priority of calls received. WINTER 2018/19 COMMUNITY REPORT 780.785.3411 www. LSAC .ca Create Your own 72-Hour Emergency Kit Create your own 72-hour Emergency Kit so you will have everything necessary to help you and your family until emergency responders can reach you. If you have to evacuate, you must be able to carry the plastic container full of supplies. Therefore, you may want to consider two kits — one for sheltering in-place (staying at home), and one in case of evacuation. Please be prepared — for the sake of both yourself and your family. Visit for more information. County Bylaws & Policies Active Lac Ste. Anne County legislation is available to view at Council/Bylaws-Policies. Residents are encouraged to review the most current bylaws and policies on record. Animal Control Animal Control Bylaw #06-2015 is a bylaw to regulate and provide the controls for wild animals within the municipal boundaries of the County. It does not include dogs, as they are covered under the Dog Control Bylaw #05-2015. Cats are not controlled. For complaints about wild animals, contact your nearest Fish and Wildlife office directly. Bring Your Lost Pets Back Home Safely The County offers residents the opportunity to check online postings of all dogs that have been apprehended by our Enforcement Officers. If you’re missing your dog, check so we can help get them back home.