Lac Ste. Anne County Activity Report ActivityLSAC_QTLY_2018-19_WINTER_FINAL_SM - Page 13

WINTER 2018/19 ActivityLSAC In support of Movember movement includes a Steering Committee comprised of elected officials, plus a Technical Advisory Committee consisting of staff from participating municipalities. The alliance is also supported by the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and Alberta Environment and Parks. The primary objectives of the Steering Committee are to build on the findings of the Sturgeon River State of the Watershed report by overseeing the development of a management plan for the Sturgeon River Watershed; and to work consistently and collaboratively to implement the management plan recommendations. Union Negotiating Committee Reeve Blakeman; Councillors: Gelych; Giebelhaus; Hoyda Comprised of Lac Ste. Anne County Council members, the Union Negotiating Committee works collaboratively with union representatives to negotiate contract terms for unionized employees in order to ensure fairness and equity for all. The frequency of these meetings and negotiations is based solely upon the terms of each given contract. Upper Athabasca Watershed Council Councillors: Bohnet; Giebelhaus The Upper Athabasca Watershed Council is a Regional Advisory Council that represents municipalities and other groups regarding all aspects of the Upper Athabasca watershed. This council provides advice based on local insights and perspectives regarding current and future land use activities and challenges in the region. It is important that Lac Ste. Anne County has representation on this Watershed Council as well as that of North Saskatchewan; however, the Upper Athabasca Council is not as far along in developing its plan. A regional advisory council is composed of a cross-section of individuals who live, work, recreate and/ or have an interest in the region, and can strategically consider what is best for the entire region at a holistic level. Whitecourt & Lac Ste. Anne Adult Learning Councillor Bohnet Lac Ste. Anne County serves as the Legal Host for Whitecourt and Lac Ste. Anne Adult Learning — an entity approved by Alberta Advanced Education to act as the legal administrator for a service organization and to receive a Community Adult Learning Program grant on behalf of the organization. As such, this group is mandated to have Council representation on the board. Through the Community Adult Learning Program, Alberta Advanced Education provides funding to support the delivery of part-time, non-formal adult foundational learning opportunities in local communities. West Inter-Lake District Water Commission Councillor Bohnet The West Inter-Lake District (WILD) Water Commission was originally formed to explore the possibility of providing potable water to the south and easterly portion of Lac Ste. Anne County. The members forming the Board of Directors for the WILD Water Commission are from Lac Ste. Anne County, Town of Onoway, Alberta Beach, Wabamun, Parkland County, and each of the fourteen Summer Villages within the boundaries of Lac Ste. Anne County, along with Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. This commission has successfully completed two key phases of this initiative to date. The first phase resulted in potable water being routed to Wabamun, and the recently completed Phase II has brought water to Onoway and Alberta Beach. The commission is presently working on planning and designing Phase III of the project. The commission meets monthly to discuss operations and planning, with the board representatives reporting back to their respective Councils. Yellowhead Regional Library Board Deril Butler (Council appointed) Yellowhead Regional Library provides materials and services to public libraries, school libraries and related organizations to assist them in meeting the informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs of their communities. As a member of the Yellowhead Regional Library Board, Lac Ste. Anne County is allowed one voting member. For the past several years, Council has appointed Mr. Derril Butler, who is currently the Yellowhead Regional Library Board Chairperson. 13.