Lac Ste. Anne County Activity Report ActivityLSAC_QTLY_2018-19_WINTER_FINAL_SM - Page 11

WINTER 2018/19 ActivityLSAC Fallen Four Visitor Centre & Mayerthorpe Library Project Committee Councillors: Bohnet; Giebelhaus The Town of Mayerthorpe Public Library Society, the Town of Mayerthorpe, Lac Ste. Anne County and Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society established the Fallen Four Visitor Centre and Mayerthorpe Library Project Committee to review and consider the potential relocation of the Mayerthorpe Public Library to the Fallen Four Visitor Centre, as proposed by the Mayerthorpe Public Library Society. First Nations Committee Councillors: Gelych; Hoyda; Olsvik Alexis Nakota Sioux Non is an integral part of the community and the indigenous consultation process. As such, County Council deemed it advantageous to form a committee that would deal directly with the indigenous population and create a go-forward working relationship. George Pegg Botanic Garden Society Councillor Vaughan As a pioneer taxonomist/botanist, George Pegg made major contributions to the field of botany in the early 1900s with his vast pressed plant collection, his curation of an extensive botanical book library, and his cultivation of a unique and spectacular garden — which is now a provincially- designated Historic Resource. Following his death, the George Pegg Botanic Garden Society was formed in 1988 to preserve the site and promote the legacy of the Pegg Family. In 1990, the Pegg family donated the 12.6-acre homestead site to Lac Ste. Anne County. The County has an agreement assigning operational control of the garden and associated historic resource to the society. However, due to the County having a vested interest in this property, one member of Council is appointed to the society. Growth Alberta Councillor Giebelhaus The County is involved in two economic initiatives — the first of which is Growth Alberta, established to promote small businesses in County communities that in turn support sustainable regional growth. Membership in Growth Alberta is local, but encompasses a vast area comprised of Lac Ste. Anne County, Woodlands County and Barrhead County, as well as the Towns of Swan Hills, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe, Village of Clyde, and some school regions. Membership funds aid in facilitating special projects. Growth Alberta promotes an annual Small Business Awards, and a Youth Expo. The second initiative is WILD Alberta, which promotes travel and tourism in the region by way of annual publications that highlight area attractions such as rodeos, festivals, concerts, Canada Day celebrations, fairs and parades. Highway 43 Come Play With Me Early Childhood Coalition Councillors: Giebelhaus; Hoyda Meeting once per month at the County Administration Office, the Early Childhood Coalition is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals working to promote early childhood development for local children under age six. The County’s Community Services department plays a vital role as the “banker” for this group, in addition to executing various administrative responsibilities. In 2017, the coalition received a $22,500 grant from the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA), to be spent according to the Action Plan in place. The FCSSAA provides ongoing support to all Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta, including provision of a resource book, distribution of developmental kits to local preschoolers, and bringing training opportunities to Lac Ste. Anne County’s rural communities. Highway 43 East Waste Commission Councillors: Hoyda; Olsvik; Vaughan The Highway 43 East Waste Commission is a regional waste management services commission that works jointly with the Village of Alberta Beach, the Towns of Mayerthorpe and Onoway, the Hamlet of Sangudo and twelve Summer Villages in a regional cost-shared recycling program. The commission holds regular meetings approximately every six weeks, which deal primarily with operational management of the regional solid waste site near Gunn. Lac La Nonne Enhancement Protection Association Councillor Vaughan The mission of community-based watershed stewardship group Lac La Nonne Enhancement and Protection Association is to preserve and enhance Lac La Nonne and its surrounding habitat for current and future generations to enjoy. Established as a not-for-profit association in 1985, Lac La Nonne Enhancement and Protection Association is dedicated to engaging its members in projects and activities aimed at improving Lac La Nonne and its watershed. In addition, this group strives to educate its members and the public at large about the importance of responsible management of the region’s natural areas through workshops, tours and newsletters. The association’s membership is derived from the campers, cottagers, residents and visitors who inhabit area subdivisions, summer villages, campgrounds and resorts. Lac Ste. Anne Emergency Response Centre, Building & Operational Committee Councillors: Bohnet; Giebelhaus In partnership with the Town of Mayerthorpe, Lac Ste. Anne County has formed a committee that manages the maintenance of the Lac Ste. Anne Emergency Response Centre (ERC), which is the Station 6 (Mayerthorpe) Fire Hall (and currently has the Associated Ambulance as a tenant). Meetings are held approximately four times per year in Mayerthorpe. Lac Ste. Anne Foundation Councillors: Bohnet; Hoyda The Lac Ste. Anne County Foundation helps seniors, individuals and families find adequate, suitable and affordable housing. This group is responsible for ensuring the provision of safe and caring accommodations to citizens at an affordable cost, with priority of service given to those residing within the Foundation’s geographical jurisdiction. The Foundation currently provides housing management to 151 lodge/supportive living units; 113 senior self-contained units; and 22 community housing units. In addition to managing affordable housing matters, the Lac Ste. Anne County Foundation also provides program administration for the Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement and Private Landlord Rent Supplement program in Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe, Sangudo, Alberta Beach, Gunn and Onoway. Lac Ste. Anne Library Board Councillors: Bohnet; Hoyda The Lac Ste. Anne County Library Board consists of two Councillors and six members-at-large representing Alberta Beach, Darwell, Mayerthorpe, Onoway, Rich Valley and Sangudo. The board is 11.