Lac Ste. Anne Bulletin September 11, 2017

THE BULLETIN 2013 Onoway & District Chamber of Commerce Vol 22 Issue 37 Monday, September 11, 2017 New School Year at OJSH The first day of school is very exciting whether you are a stu- dent entering kindergarten for the first time or starting your graduating year. It is an exciting time for staff as well, as they prepare their classrooms and lesson plans for their students. This year at OJSH we welcome two new teachers. Mr. Ryan Siemens will be teaching Mechanics and some Phys. Ed. at our school. Mr. Siemens is a journeyman mechanic as well as a certi- fied teacher. He apprenticed in mechanics right out of high school and, after receiving his journeyman’s certification and working in the trade for a few years, went on to the University of Alberta to earn a B.Ed. specializing in CTS with a minor in Phys. Ed. Mr. Siemens is married and has two boys aged 7 and 9. OJSH is also pleased to welcome James Eastman to our teach- ing staff. Mr. Eastman will be teaching CTS/Construction in the woods shop. Although he started out as a certified massage therapist, Mr. Eastman eventually became a journeyman car- penter, working for 10 years in Grande Prairie for a commer- cial general contractor. Mr. Eastman then attended the University of Alberta and received his teaching certification, James Eastman Business Of The Year Ryan Siemens specializing in CTS with a minor in Phys. Ed. Mr. Eastman is married and has a 6-year-old son. Both Mr. Siemens and Mr. Eastman say they are very excited to be here at OJSH and they are looking forward to the coming year. Welcome to our school! In other happy news, this summer, Ms. Andrea Peer celebrated her marriage in her home province of New Brunswick. Ms. Peer is now Mrs. Caux and she is starting her second year with us, teaching English Language Arts and a Drama course. Also celebrating a wedding this summer was our Music teacher and Grade 8 Phys. Ed. teacher, Ms. Ellie Neufeld. Ms. Neufeld is now Mrs. Anderson. Congratulations and best wishes from all of OJSH to these two fine teachers. There is a new class schedule for Grade 8 and Grade 9 students this year. For some classes, instead of the traditional 80 minute block, the class length will be divided into two 40 minutes blocks. This will apply to Math 8 and 9 and their alternate classes, Phys. Ed. 8 and 9. The rationale behind this change is to ensure students receive daily reinforcement of the math skills they are learning. Previously, students were in Math classes every other day. This new schedule also ensures stu- dents in junior high have daily physical activity.