Lac Ste. Anne Bulletin September 10, 2018

THE BULLETIN Vol 23 Issue 37 Monday, September 10, 2018 Ol’ Pembina Tractor Pull 2013 Onoway & District Chamber of Commerce Business Of The Year Submitted by Carol Saunders Well folks, another tractor pull season has come to a close for the Ol' Pembina Tractor Pull Society in 2018. We had a fairly good year for the pulls except for the rain on both week-ends. That didn't stop our guys, they got out on the tractors and started to blade off the mud. They went up and down the tract many times and with the sun and wind the tract Tony Hnatiuk driving Super WD9 John Hansen - Feature Tractor for August dried up enough for them to pull. The 9th and 10th June pull on Saturday, they could not have had bet- ter weather and the drivers all got in pulls. sunday was to be the second pull, but we were totally rained out. Our feature tractor for the June pull is Earl Mills with his 1949 McCormick Deering W9. This is Earl's history with the club and obtaining the tractor: I started volunteering with the tractor club when it was still at "the Suntjens". At that time my job was hooking and unhooking the sled. My official title was "The Happy Hooker". When we moved across the river to our present location we started weighing the tractors, renting portable scales until purchasing the drive on scale from Howard Fleming. My brother-in-law Pat Lamoureux and myself have been the scale operators ever since. Last year when I turned 65, I decided to purchase my own tractor. My good friend and neighbor Mike Hara- pchuk Jr. said anyone who comes by with a $1000.00 can purchase his 1949 Mc- Cormick Deering W9. So I purchased the tractor. The girls in our club say Earl is both mentor & tormentor to them. For the June pull we had 62 tractors come Thomas Redekopp Drving Case 500 Continued on page 3