Lac Ste. Anne Bulletin May 7, 2018

THE BULLETIN Vol 23 Issue 19 Monday, May 7, 2018 The Adventure Bus 2013 Onoway & District Chamber of Commerce Business Of The Year On Tuesday April 17th and Wednesday April 18th, shrieks of laughter could be heard coming from a big yellow bus, parked in front of the library. The Adventure Bus made stops in Onoway, Alberta Beach and Rich Valley on a special Tri Library Tour event. The three libraries, Alberta Beach Library, Onoway Public Library and Rich Valley Library hosted this special event for children 2 Continued on page 3 to 13 years of age. The Adventure Bus offers “high quality, innovative, enjoyable programs that en- rich children in their movement educa- tion.” The Adventure Bus is a full sized school bus that has been converted into a mini gym equipped with: zip line, monkey bars, rock climbing wall, mini- trampoline, rings, bean bags, ribbons, climbing rope and much more. It cer- tainly lived up to its name and the kids were amazed when they realized that this was not a bus where you had to sit on the seat and be quiet, exactly the op-