Lac Ste. Anne Bulletin July 3, 2017 - Page 26

Page 26 • Monday, July 3, 2017 • THE Lac Ste. Anne BULLETIN - The Rock Victory Church Worship Cele- bration, Sunday worship with Children's Min- istry 10:00 AM. Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study 6:00 PM - Zion United Church Paradise Estates (be- tween Rge Rd 35-40, Twp Rd 542) Service & Sunday School 10am. * BINgoS, CArdS & JAMBorEES Alberta Beach & District Active 50+ Club - Bridge Wednesdays 1pm at Seniors Club Alberta Beach & District Active 50+ Club - Crib Tuesdays 7:30pm at Seniors Club Cherhill Community Assoc Tuesdays. Doors open 6:30 p.m., Games 7:30pm Cherhill Legion #184 First Sunday of every month. Bingo starts 1pm Rich Valley Community Hall Bingo - Bingo July 12, 26, Aug 9, 23. 2 Loonie Pots. Bingo starts 7:30pm. Sangudo Community Hall Jamborees - 1st Sat. from Oct to May. Everyone welcome. 785-4105 or 305-5088. * FArMEr’S MArKETS Alberta Beach Farmer’s Market Sundays 12 - 3 pm, May - Oct, Alberta Beach Agliplex. Contact 780-690-6392 Joeanne, 780-962-3993 Nancy Onoway Farmer’s Market Opening May 5th. Friday 5:30 - 8:30 pm, Community Hall, 4920 - 49 Ave. New vendors welcome. Contact Shona Holzer Stony Plain Farmers' Market 9 -1 pm, April - December, Stony Plain Community Hall Downtown, 780-962-3993 * HALL rENTALS - Alberta Beach Agliplex Susan 780-996-2960 - Alberta Beach and District Heritage Cen- tre. Air conditioned facility. Shirley at: 780- 924-3272 or Shawna at: 587-879-5450 - Calahoo Community Centre - 5,400 sq. feet NEW HALL. Bookings beginning June 1, 2016. Contact Lori @ lbkieser@gmail. com - Cherhill Community Hall Taryn 305-9022 - Cherhill Legion Hall Mary 780-785-3578 - Darwell Hall 780-721-2690 - Darwell Seniors Toby 780-892-3457 - Deer Lodge Hall Karen 780-786-2903, Marie 780-785-2560 - Greencourt Community Hall Phone Ann 780- 786-4678 - Gunn Hall (GARS) 780-967-2215 - Hathersage Community Centre Call Noreen 780-786-2946 - Mayerthorpe Diamond Centre - Hall seating capacity 500 - Charlotte 780-786-4044 - Mayerthorpe Legion - 3 rooms and lounge - 780-786-2470 - Onoway Community Hall 967-4749 - Onoway Curling Club Bar & Catering Facil- ities will be available 780-967-4461 - Onoway Legion Hall - Ted & Donna Latimer 967-4980 - Onoway Museum. Gym or Classroom - 780- 967-1015 or 780-967-5263 - Rich Valley Ag Society Hall - 967-2610 - Rich Valley Community Hall - 967-5710 or 967-3696 - Sandy Beach Recreation Hall - 967-2873 - Sangudo Community Hall - 785-2924 or 785-3118 - Stettin-Nakamun Hall Shelley 967-9198 * CoMMUNITY MEETINgS Al-Anon in Onoway for friends and relatives of al- coholics - Tues. 7 pm. Anglican Church Basement, 4809-50th St. - Call 967-3356. or 1-800 4Al-Anon .Alberta Beach & District Agricultural Soci- ety meets the 4th Thurs of every month at 7:00pm at the Agliplex. Info at 780-913-5595 Alberta Beach & District Lions Club meets every 4th Tues of the month 7pm at Agliplex. For info 780-945-3760 Alberta Beach & District Lions Meat Draws, biweekly on Saturdays 4 pm Darwell Pub Alberta Beach & District Active 50+ Club Ac- tivities: Mon,Wed & Fri 8:30 am, Aerobics/Fit- ness; Crib, Tuesday 7:30 pm (Year round); Bridge, 1 pm, every Wednesday (Year round); Walking segment of Fitness Program starts Oct 5. Held Mon, Wed, Fri, 10:15 am all fall & winter. Everyone welcome. Alberta Beach Cherished Memories Mom’s and Tots Every Wednesday and Friday 10:00 a.m. till noon (except holidays & summer) at the Alberta Beach Agliplex. Come for social play- time, snack for the children, and coffee for the Moms. All this is possible with the financial sup- port of the FCSS. Info contact 780-924-8323 or 780-297-1892 Alberta Beach Museum Meat Draws, Satur- days 4pm, Alberta Beach Hotel Alberta Beach Museum Meeting 2nd Wed of the month, 7pm at the Heritage Village. info 924-3167 Cherhill Community Association Meetings 1st Wednesday of the month (except Jan, July, Aug, Sept), 8pm Cherhill Legion #184 - General Meetings are the first Thursday of the month 8pm Darwell District Recreation Association - General meetings 2nd Mon of every mth 7pm Devil’s Lake MX 2017 Race Schedule - July 22-23 DLMX race; Sept 16-17 DLMX race; Oct 7-8 DLMX race Lac Ste Anne Community Choir - Accepting new members for all voice ranges. Men and women 18 yrs and over. Weekly practice at Al- berta Beach Heritage Center (behind hotel). Wednesdays 7-9 PM. For info call Euni Bܛ۝Z] MN M KZH\H[\YY][ Yق[۝  ΌKZH\H[[\8$ۛ^H[[ܛ\ L H L HH[ۙ^KY\^H[Y^H ^ BY[[Z[H^H[ۙ^KY^H܈YHX[]H\\]Z\Y܈[\][ H[[]H[˂X^Y\ܜH][]^[X\HYY][™]\H [ۙ^H[][\[Y[  HK]\XH[YKYX[ۈY[܈[ۈ[YX[]H܈ B[Y\[\H]\[\HXX\XN[X[H HL L\[\XN[܋BZ[H HLLMۛ^H\XN[^[ HMLёPH [\ˊH Y\وH[۝ B]ۛ^H[K[ۛ^H \XH]Z[[Z[YY][  \^H]XH[H]X]H[][]BH L [H H  K^YH NML Lۛ^H \XYY]HYY][[]\H\Y\^HوH[۝] ΌH]HۈٙXH[[[[X\ˈ]\KBۙH[YHHH܈[ NM NMMۛ^H \X\]YHY]H]\BY\^HوXX[۝] ΌH]B[[[X\]H]XٙXK[[ BYK[Y\YYY ۛ^H \X\ܚX[Z[YY]B\Y وH[۝] Ό H[Bۛ^H]\][Kۛ^H\ [YH\X][ۈ[\[YY][]\H Y\^HوH[۝]Ό]HYX][ۈ[\ [[JBۛ^H\ZY\ۚY\ \“YY][\^\ Kۛ^H\]YB[\܈[[]\H] NMLL ۛ^H[X[[ܜY\^H\ŒHNY\^HܘY L[H]H][[H ][[]Y\ Kۛ^HY[ۈ[Y\^\ Y\B^\ ^\H Y\^HوXX[۝ B H H LNY^\] HH [\ NH JBۛ^HY[ۈYY][\[ۈوB[۝] Ό Bۛ^HX\ۚXHYY] Y\^BوH[۝]ۛ^HY[ۂۛ^H[\[^Yܛ\YY]™]\H[ۙ^H ^\Y^\[[[Y\[YJBH L [Hۈ]Hۛ^H\]YB[H  H[K[\܈[^KB[YH܈H[[[ٙYKXH[۝\B][ۈ܈HY[ˈ[[HXK[B[I܈[[X[\ܝو\Bܘ[K܈[ܛX][ۋX\H[ NMM ۛ^H]X X]\ H[ۙ^\™H  HH]ۛ^H]\][KX[^HYܚX[\[Y]H\YY] B[YY]]HYܚ\^ۈHXۙY\^BوH[۝] Ό K[]Y\Y]Yܝ[و\[[[ۛ^B[܈[¸(Y^H L MH8(]\^H L H B L Y^BH YZ[وH[۝Yو]Y H  ML N