Lab Matters Summer 2019 - Page 38

FELLOWS Presenting, Graduating, Incoming: APHL Fellows Develop Leadership Skills by Heather Roney, MA, manager, Fellowship Programs APHL offers fellowship programs to introduce young scientists to careers in public health laboratory science and provide the technical expertise and experience to fill permanent positions in a public health laboratory upon completion of the program. To take this career development a step further, APHL convened the first APHL Fellow Leadership Training in Silver Spring, MD from April 29-May 2, 2019. The training provided hands-on, experience-based learning to develop and enhance fellows’ leadership skills, which are crucial to their current and future success in public health. APHL’s current and recent fellows were also well represented at APHL 2019 in St. Louis. Several presented posters on work completed during their fellowship terms. Graduating Bioinformatics and AR fellows were recognized and presented with certificates at the awards breakfast during APHL 2019. APHL is pleased to announce several new groups of fellows starting their assignments: • Two new Infectious Diseases Laboratory Fellows recently began year-long assignments at the New York City Public Health Laboratory and the New York State Department of Health. • The Antimicrobial Resistance Laboratory Fellowship accepted 12 fellows for the 2019 class. In addition to the seven regional laboratories of the Antibiotic Resistance Laboratory Network, other host laboratories include CDC, the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa, the Indiana Public Health Laboratory, the Michigan Bureau of Laboratories and Virginia’s Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services. The fellow working in the Michigan laboratory will work exclusively on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. APHL 2019 AR Fellows (l-r): Bradley Craft, Jessica Plemmons, Abby Hoffman and Nadine Peinvoich • There will be 10 Bioinformatics Fellows in the 2019-2020 class. Four will be placed at CDC and six in state public health laboratories in California, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Wisconsin. AR and Bioinformatics Fellows were recognized at APHL 2019 36 LAB MATTERS Summer 2019 PublicHealthLabs @APHL