Lab Matters Summer 2019 - Page 31

QUALITY SYSTEMS Agenda for Quality Manager Exchange Day 1 Day 2 8:00–9:30 Arrive at the site/introductions and site tour 8:00–12:00 QA discussions: • Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) • Clinical Quality Systems Plan (QSP) • Integration of multiple regulations (goals) • Organization charts with roles and responsibilities 9:30–12:00 • Quality Management System (QMS) Overview • Roles and responsibilities of Quality Management (QM) staff in respective laboratories • Accreditation requirements and responsibilities of QM staff • Quality culture • Communications (team meetings) 12:00–1:00 Lunch We wanted to identify similarities and differences in our quality programs—what works well, what could be improved and how the information could be incorporated into our laboratory.” Marcia Valbracht 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch 1:00–5:00 QA discussions: 1:00–5:00 • Risk Management/Continuing Improvement/ • 12 Quality System Essentials (QSE) Lean • Management meetings/management review • Internal/External audits • T racking/Trends • QA Reviews (monthly reports, tracking/trending of quality matters) • Document (SOPs, etc.) writing and tracking • Record retention This SHIP? R E B M E M UR APHL O Y ou renew! W y E s N s E le R n u U s r O Matte DID Y SUE of Lab T IS is your L AS day! o t p i h s r e b r mem u o y w e n e r and Take action ○ ○ phone: 1 By .485.2733 240 fax: 2 By 0.485.2700 24 ip : Membersh PublicHealthLabs ○ mail: 3 By L APH ership uite 700 S c/o Memb , e u n e v rgia A 8515 Geo D 20910 M , g in r p Silver S AT TN @APHL Summer 2019 LAB MATTERS 29