Lab Matters Summer 2018 - Page 73

APHL 2018 Annual Meeting Poster Abstracts rRT-PCR, three were positive for dengue type 1 virus (0.21%) and one was positive for chikungunya virus (0.07%). NYC PHL’s rapid response and testing flexibility enabled NYC to better monitor and manage the ZIKV outbreak. Presenter: Bisram Deocharan, PhD, New York City Public Health Laboratory, New York, NY, Phone: 212.671.5734, Email: Zika Virus Antibody Testing Using the DiaSorin LIAISON XL Zika Capture IgM Assay HON. MENTION 2018 D. Liu 1 , V. Streva 2 , W. Ren 2 , M. Younis 2 , R. Basea 2 , H. Doo 2 , S. Sayeed 2 , M. Moy 2 , A. Dupuis 2 , L. Kramer 2 , A. Shukla 3 , R. Limberger 2 , J. Rakeman 1 ; 1 New York City Public Health Laboratory, New York, NY, 2 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, New York, NY, 3 Diasorin, Inc., Stillwater, MN PublicHealthLabs @APHL Presenter: Dakai Liu, PhD, New York City Public Health Laboratory, New York, NY, Phone: 212.447.2858, Email: Impact of Rapid Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Identification on Turnaround Time and Drug Resistance Predictions at the New York City Public Health Laboratory J. Lemon, C. Courtney, Q. Liu and J. Rakeman, New York City Public Health Laboratory, New York, NY New York City encounters an above average rate of tuberculosis cases, 6.9 per 100,000 people in 20161; most cases are in foreign born individuals. The NYC Public Health Laboratory (PHL) serves as the primary diagnostic testing laboratory for Health Department Chest Center clinics and tests approximately 5000 primary specimens per year. PHL also performs testing on ~600 referral isolates per year. The development of rapid molecular testing options for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) from primary patient specimens has presented an exciting opportunity to decrease diagnostic turnaround time (TAT), which has long been a challenge in the field. In this study, we evaluated the impact of implementing the Cepheid GeneXpert MTB/RIF assay in place of the HAIN GenoType MTBDR Line Probe Assay for molecular detection of MTBC. Molecular testing is routinely performed on smear positive primary specimens only. We retrospectively analyzed results from HAIN Line Probe assays performed in 2016. This set included data from 315 specimens from 290 patients, of which 110 were positive for MTBC by the HAIN Line Probe assay. One advantage of the HAIN Line Probe Assay is its ability to detect mutations associated with resistance to both rifampin (RIF) and isoniazid (INH). In contrast, the Xpert MTB/RIF assay detects mutations only associated with RIF resistance. Therefore, we analyzed the 110 MTBC positive specimens to determine the percentage of INH mono-resistance detected by the Hain Line Probe Assay and found that for one year of testing, only five patients (4.5%) had INH mono-resistance which would have been missed by the Xpert MTB/RIF Assay. We also evaluated the impact of switching assays on TAT for reporting molecular results. The HAIN Line Probe Assay required seven hours of personnel time, which was typically completed the day after reporting a positive microscopy result. Implementation of the Xpert MTB/RIF Assay would decrease personnel time from seven hours to >1 hour, af f&FrFP'GVGf"V7V"FW7FrF&R6WFVBFR6RF2֖7&66F2vVBrf"FR&VV6Rb&VƖ֖'&W'BgVv&rFV&ƖW"FFR7W'&VBv&Fw2vRFWFW&֖VBFB'W&f&֖r5vRvVB&R&RFVWB&VwVF'&WV&VVG2BF66FVRFR&7F6R`W&f&֖rFǒVƗG6G&F2vVBFR6vRbFW7Fp762FfR֖7B67BFW7FRFRFffW&V6P67B&WGvVVFRGvFW7BG2W"Ǘ62FV7G&FW0FBVVFFbWrV7V"FW7Fr7G&FvV6&W7VB֖7BG'Vr&W67F6R&VF7F2&VGV6PDBf"&W7VG2&W'FrvRFrfW&FW7Fr67G0B&fFrf&R6WFf"FRgWGW&RbD$2V7V Fv7F2FW7FrWr&6GWr&6GFW'FVBbVFBVFvVR'W&VPbGV&W&7V626G&V7V'#b&W6VFW#֖RVBB$ҒWr&6GV&Ɩ0VF&&F'Wr&S#"csSccVàVVF2v`7VW"#"EDU%0sf'W227&VBF&VvFRW&62BFRWF'&V0&VVFV6&VBV&Ɩ2VFVW&vV7'FRt&V6W6RbFP&6b&FFRfWGW2&BB67W&FRFv62bf'W0fV7F27&F6FVfFfRFv626&RFR'FWFV7F`f'W27V6f2$vWfW"FRf&V֖2W&B26'BB&R֗76VB6W&w27&F6Fv7F2B6ǒ6VFW067&VVrFW7Bf"tfvVB'$BF27GVG6&V@GvWFG2W6VBF67&VVf"tӢvF&VvWBF6&Ĕ46GW&RtBFR4D22Tĕ4W6rS07V6V2FR4D22Tĕ476W6W2fff'W2F&Gf#f2Bf'W2Rvǖ6&FVv6ƖVǒ&W7VG2vWfVb7&72&V7FfGvFFW"fff'W6W2FRĔ46GW&RtW6W23WFFRFvVFB2&R7V6f0Ff'W2BW727V&V7BFFRVffV7G2b7V6f2&Fr'F&FW2v7BFW"&VFVBfff'W6W2F2f'7B6&VV6fPǗ62&fFW2WfFV6Rf"&W&GV6&R&W7VG2B&fV@6Ɩ6FW7Fr6V6FfG6&VBFFR4D22Tĕ4FPĔ46GW&Rt762R"RVvFfRw&VVVBcR6FfRw&VVVBBfW&w&VVVBbsRFRcR6FfRw&VVVB2ƖVǒGVRFFffW&V6W2FW7FpWFFw&W7VFr7V6f2fff'W2t7&72&V7FfGFR4D22Tĕ4&WBRbFRF67&WB7V6V0vW&R$B6FfRf"BFVwVRF2FffW&V6Rv2gW'FW fW7FvFVB'FW7FrFRF67&WB7V6V2vFFRWW&V०t76v66W6W23&FVB$BFPfW&w&VVVB&WGvVVFRĔ46GW&Rt@FRWW&Vtv2rR7W'FrFR67W&7`FRĔ46GW&Rt76FW7Fr&W7VG2bFP7V6V2vF66W6fR&W7VG2g&FR4D22Tĕ4FW7@BVvFfR&W7VG2FRĔ46GW&Rt76F6FrFB4D22Tĕ47V6V2vF66W6fR&W7VG0ƖVǒ&W&W6VBG'VRtVvFfW2vF7V6f2FW&fW&V6P6W6rVvFfR&W7VBFR4D22Tĕ4FFFǒW"FF6rFBSWBb3"FFWVf64D22Tĕ47V6V2vW&R6FfRf"f'W2tvVFW7FVBW6rFPĔ46GW&Rt7VvvW7Fr&fVB6Ɩ6FW7Fp6V6FfGf"FRĔ46GW&Rt76vrf FVfFfR&W7VBvFFV7&V6VBGW&&VBFRfǒFPĔ46GW&Rt762tG&'V&V66b"BRbccSs$RBFW"'V&V66bBR`ccr"$RFRĔ46GW&Rtv&RW6VgVFf"&&F&W2FFffW&VFFRf'W2fV7F2g&fV7F0vFFW"fff'W6W2BvV&R&R&B6W&v6FW7Fr`FVFf'W2fV7FVBFVG2