Lab Matters Summer 2018 - Page 26

newborn screening NewSTEPs Hosts Newborn Screening National Meetings By Erin Darby, MPH, MCHES, specialist, Newborn Screening and Genetics and Kshea Hale, MPH, specialist, Newborn Screening and Genetics New Disorders Readiness Scale Phase 1: Authority to Screen Obtain approval and funding from the appropriate institutions Phase 2: Laboratory Follow-Up and Logistics Identify the screening methodology and ensure infrastructure readiness Phase 3: Education Educate families, providers and the general public about the disorder and screening process Phase 4: Full Implementation Conduct pilot testing and implement statewide screening and follow-up for the new disorder Attendees of the NewSTEPs Short Term Follow Up National Meeting on May 17-18 in Bethesda, MD. APHL’s Newborn Screening Technical assistance and Evaluation Program (NewSTEPs) hosted national meetings in May and June, bringing together state newborn screening program staff, clinicians and families to address challenges and successes related to short term follow-up and implementing screening for new disorders. Short Term Follow-Up National Meeting, May 17-18 Attendees from 40 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and New Zealand engaged in small-group discussions and skill-building sessions, and attended presentations and discussions on educating parents, providers, hospitals and staff about the processes and goals of short term follow-up. Sessions allo Y][Y\\ۈH]\YBو]؛ܛܙY[[[Y[YHB[X\و[]Y[[\˂]\[[Y\[Y\YHBYY][ΈYX][Y[ZZ\۝[Z]Hو\][ۜ[X\[ۂ[[[ܙ[][[[[Y[][H]؛ܛܙY[[\[K\Yۈ\\[ۜ[][YBPPUT[[Y\ NYYX]T\][Y][ۘ[X]\X[\\]\[[\ݚ[Z\]؛ܛܙY[[[\\\˂]\ܝ\HU\•[HHXܘ]ܞHYHو]؛ܛܙY[[\XY\&HYYX[Y[܈H[Hو\]XH\ܙ\][H\]^\وYKHܝ\H]\\[\\][]؛ܛ\HܙY[Y ][\X]B]\\Y]\\[ܛYYو\[]ۙ\X]ܞH\[\Y[\]Y ]H]؛ܛ\XZ]YHXYۛ\[ YX\\KX]Y[ ]\ܙ\][ۘ[YY][[H LB[X]]HوHX[\\\[\X\YZ[\][ۈ JH[Y]\ܙ\[\[Y[][ۈڙX HXۙ][ۘ[YY][ۈ]‘\ܙ\ݚYY[ܝ[]B܈]؛ܛܙY[[\ۛ[ \\[ZZ\\\BܙY[[]\وTK\H[ PS ][Y\H ]H]؛ܛܙY[[ܘ[\\[\[XX[[]X[[ܜ[Y\[\\\Y[\\\\\Hš[\[Y[ܙY[[܈\H\ܙ\˂Z[[\ۈH M][ۘ[]‘\ܙ\YY][HY[H\YۈY][XHۜY\][ۜ\Z[[H\HY[][ۜ[ۙB\H]\[X[ZY[[\܈XX\ܙ\[Y][ۈYX][ۈ܈Y[XX[[[Z[Y\ˈHYY][[™X]\Y\[][ۜ[\\[ۜ™H\[و[[][]TK\H[ PS ][Y\\\YH]T]‘\ܙ\XY[\[KHXY[\”[H\H\\\H[[YXܙ\\[[\[Y[][ۂوܙY[[܈H]\ܙ\\[\œݚYH]H]TۈۙHY\[\\[Z[\ۙ\قH[\[Y[][ۈ\ZK\H[Y[[\\HH\ܙ\[ܘ[H[\\XX\ˈHXZܚ]Bو]H][Y\]HXXY\BYH܈\܈]X\ۙHوH]˜ۙ][ۜˈ\و[H N  L]\\B[\[Y[[[[][ۈܙY[[™܈\K LH]\\HܙY[[܂TK[ L]\\HܙY[[܂ PS YYXHHYY][[\]\ܙ\[]X]]\[[H]TX[HݚYHXX[\\[H\ܝ]\[XY][™[[\[Y[][ۈو]؛ܛܙY[[™܈]\ܙ\ˈXXX[XTT ܙ