Lab Matters Summer 2018 - Page 19

global health APHL’s Work with the Viral Load Scale-up Plan In support of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals and the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health’s (MoHCC) five-year VL Scale-up Plan, APHL works with VL laboratories to increase their capacity for testing and equipment utilization. It supports the expansion and strengthening of VL specimen referral and transport systems, collaborates with other MoHCC partners to create demand for routine VL testing and provides equipment to MoHCC for processing of DBS dried specimens. Funded through PEPFAR, specific activities include: • Procurement of six high-throughput Roche VL/EID machines and their related ancillary equipment, provision of bundled comprehensive services and maintenance of equipment and laboratory refurbishment for VL laboratories • Procurement of specimen collection materials, including tubes, needles and request forms • Procurement of VL testing reagents and consumables, including PPE • Collaboration with clinical partners to educate clinicians and increase demand and mobilization through trainings, site visits, VL technical working group meetings and provision of job aides for referring clinics • Strengthen specimen/results transport system and referral network through a hub-and-sp RFV( "&f6B7W'Bb&RW0F&fFR&B6V6F`vd&W7VG2F6Ɩ70( "7G&VwFVVƗGvVV@77FV2F&VvFRtg&4D4ĕD&w&VVFV@Bd&&F&W2BFR7V6V6V7FV'2vFFR7W'B`&W6FVB&&F'VF'0( "7W'B42&&F'7Ff`f"6gBv&Bv&66VGVW0WG6FRW7Vv&rW'2&FW F7&V6RdFW7Fr7W&vR66G&WBFRVvBֆW"66G( "6W'Fg&&F'66VF7G2dFW7Fp( "7W'BW"&6VB"f&F77FVĕ2vF7FFW'7WƖW0B&&F'&Vv7FW'22vV07W'FrFR&WBb40VV7G&2ĕ2F&VvFR&f6`6WFW'2&FW'2&FW"6'G&FvW0B&&6FW2( "7W'FrdWFW&VƗG77W&6Rf""d'2०&'vRF&VvFR4D2FFd&f6V7FW7Fr&w&ख&frVFf"SV'0f"SV'2W6r44( 2Ɩ'&'b7FF&G22&VVFR7BЧG'W7FVBvFV7W&R&W FW7FrBVƗG6G&( @Vr'2&fFRFRvW7@VƗG&W7VG2f"FV"FVG2V&&R&WBr446V&fRW""6VFr&W6W&6W2FVP72"F67&VFFFB66&r#V&Ɩ4VF'0&p7VW"#"EDU%0p