La Petite Summer Print issue 8 - Page 58

the inspiration for our SS17 “Surreal Paradise” concept is definitely my favorite part, even if it is collection during my visit to a botanical garden the hardest one. I love to create new designs each and an exhibition at the museum. There I found season. For me, there is nothing more beautiful so many wonderful ideas for our prints. The jungle than to be able to be creative and make stunning and the floral birds are the result of my collected pieces for the next generation. silhouettes impressions from those visits. silhouettes and hunt for thees es es es es es es es sil sil es es si l sil sil for them on lor them on lor them on lo WH AT AR E Y O U R B ES T TIPS FOR D O YO U H AVE A FAVO R I T E P I EC E? B ALAN C I N G WO R K AND PE R SONAL For girls, I absolutely adore our jumpsuits made LI F E? My main priority is always my family and from lightweight knitted organic silk or soft organic I really do believe it´s all about the organization. cotton. These are not only super stylish by the During my working time, I work very hard so I refined cuts and beautiful prints, but also very can get everything completed. Later at home, comfortable. For boys, I just love our oversize I only focus on my family and my private life. I knitted bomber jackets made from super soft am very thankful for my great team who works organic cotton. They can be worn with a simple hard everyday to create beautiful collection each pant or cool printed shirts and shorts. silhouettes season. silhouettes and f es and hunt for thees es es es es es es es es es es es sil sil es es sil s D O YO U R EMEMB ER T H E FI R S T P I EC E WH AT I S Y O U R FAVO R ITE THING YO U E V ER D ES I G N ED ? WH AT WAS AB O U T WO R K I N G I N THIS INDUSTRY? YO U R I N S P I R AT I O N FO R I T ? Yes! It was a The freedom of creativity, creating collections C A N YOU TELL US A BO U T H O W L IL LY dress inspired by an old movie. It took me so many for the young generation, meeting other creative E T LO UIS FIRS T $Trv&VB2W'2Ff6BBb6W'6RvFFRVbגVRB&Vr'BbF2f6GW7G'&Pf6FW6vW"vV( 2f6&Vf&RFW"v26f6FW6vW"6ƆVRGBFR7B&VWFgV'G2bF2GW7G'ƆVWGFW0FV6FVBFV6גvG7vV"&VFRFVW2BVBf"FVW2W2W2W2W2W2W2W266Bf"FVBf"FVBf"FVBf"FVBf"@6RGW&rג&Vv7&V6W6RfVBFB7B2RBTR2"RBR""RBU"RU2Dr"R5E0bFRf&RG2f6FW2Bv2&VfV7BBR4t"2U22VFv&G2BReRBR"RBBR4T@גW'67GR"FRW'67GRbFRFW"W&fV7F6B6F227&VFfR2"RtBR2'6WFVǒvR&R6G&VG&VG2WBFW&RvFVBF7&VFRVVRW'6v6W2FRFW6v&6W72WfVFfǒV6W"ƖR6#7W7F&RV6W2f"FR6G&VFRg&&R6Ɩ6FVBV66V6FR6V7FvR&R6rFVW"f'7B6f"W FRfW7Bv&VG2fRfRfFvR6ƆVWGFW22WrFVRB7F'BvFB&&Besr6V7FvRvFRRFBW&BVBf"FV6v66rFR6V7FVBFV2&W762BBW7B6B2r7V7F7V"WV7@rR"R2ĔŒUBR2$4RBvR7&F26WF6FW6v2Bv&vF7GVr&G2WW&W2f'&72BG&F0&R&6VB&W&ƖvW&fRfRfFvRגFVF7&VFRFRf'7B6W2&Vf&RvR6ƆVWGFW2ƆVWGFW2Bf"FVW2W2W2W2W2W06ƂFV6FRv6V6W2vRv6VFRf"FR6V6R2W266W2W2666rR"RDU2DR4RBv6W2vRvBB2r&6W72bR2RBr"4DRD2Re$ƖǒWBV22g&V6f"ƖǒB&Vǒ&Bv&2vBǒFW6vrBR2"TBbĒŒRBT0BV2Ɩǒ2FRf'7BRbגFVvFW"FRV6W2'WB6&GV6rW"vf'&72bBrdRR"2TbRR4R`BV22&RFB+GfRv2ƖVBBRvFFRVB&W7VBv6Bd2RtBtRBB"RBv&P6ƆVWGFW2BVBf"FV"FV6VFW2FRFW6vFR&BWF2FVvRvB&FW"FRWV7FVBBRvR琥rR"RDBRdB5$D6VFRBFR6V7F6ƆVWGFW2BVBf"֗7FW2GW&rF2W&Wv2&VƖWfR7G&pd"U"DU2B4R2DFVW2W2W2W2W2W2W2W266VWGFW2BBVWf7W2vBR&RFr&V6W6RB0fB7&FWfW'vW&R&RBG&fVƖrb$42UBB"BR2B6v'FBBFRVBFR&W7VBB7V66W72vFW"VR&2fW2"GW&RfVBrB2R"dd"BR%BFR6V6FRf"WfW'FrVWGFW2BVBf"FV"FV@"FVW2W2W2W2W06UBBRtRR