La Petite Summer Print issue 8 - Page 36

FR O M C O N C EP T T O AR E T H ER E AN Y E XCITING P R O D U C T I O N , WH AT I S Y O U R P R O J EC T S I N THE FUTUR E FAVO R I T E PART ? I really enjoy getting T H AT Y O U C O U LD SHAR E WITH all designs drawn, color ways selected U S ? We are planning to launch a bedding and print-outs of the art files placed next line soon. We are also in the initial stages to each other. Getting strike-offs and of starting sandal production. I lovevintage samples is probably the most thrilling part silhouettes and hunt for them on love for me. Seeing your ideas that started out I F Y O U C O U LD GO B ACK IN as nothing come to life is one of the best T I ME T O T H E CR E ATION OF creative rewards I have experienced. I love H U G O LO VES T I K I AND GIV E vintage silhouettes and hunt for them on Y O U R S EL F O N E PIE CE OF WH AT AR E Y O U R B ES T T I P S AD VI C E, WH AT WOULD IT B E ? FO R B ALAN C I N G WO R K AN D If I told myself all the work, stress and P ER S O N AL LI F E? I have not figured problem-solving that were required, I that out yet. They only way I’ve managed probably would have never started. I to achieve it thus far is by going slow would encourage myself to follow my and staying small. Two years ago, I could dreams and to not take on too much at spend a lot of time with my children while once. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t still having the ability to print orders by have listened anyway! working through their nap time and after bedtime. But, the bigger you get, the busier you get and the more time you must sacrifice. Even if you bring on help or outsource, as an owner, you will always have to be involved in every aspect to make sure everything runs smoothly. More often than not, there is a crisis that needs to be handled. I am struggling right now to balance anything. We are beginning to really grow and it has been a bit difficult doing 90% of everything myself even though I do have a small part-time staff. I love vintageouettes d hunt for them WH AT I S Y O U R FAVO R I T E T H I N G AB O U T WO R K I N G I N T H I S I N D U S T RY ? The people. I love meeting everyone at Playtime Paris and talking with everyone on Instagram. I am not a social person, but our retailers and customers are wonderful. Everyone loves this industry so much, and it truly doesn’t feel like work. I love vintage silhouettes L A PET I T E M A GA Z I N E | 3 3