La Petite Summer Print issue 8 - Page 35

QUESTION&ANSWER WITH / HUGO LOVES TIKI 32 | C AN Y O U T ELL U S AB O U T L AT ES T C O LLECTION? I am H O W H U G O L O VES T I K I FI R S T inspired by vintage toys, ads and artwork. B EG AN ? Hugo Loves Tiki began in I love 70’s and 80’s cartoons, and the my mom’s basement. My fiancé and I interests of my children are always moved back home to have our first child, guiding me creatively as well. My mother Hugo. I needed to find a way to make would always drag me to vintage shops money while staying at home with him. I as a kid, and she still hunts E-Bay for really did not want to go back to wedding vintage kitchen gadgets and household photography or a regular 9-5 job and decorations that remind her of her past. leave Hugo with a stranger. I also knew I love vintage silhouettes and hunt for them needed to do something creative. Once I D O Y O U H AVE A FAV OR ITE found Instagram, a new and exciting world P I EC E? I love our ruffled playsuit. It is was unlocked for me. I was accessing so based on a vintage piece I used to wear much creative content and was constantly as a three-year-old in the 80’s. I love inspired. I thought, “How hard could it be vintage silhouettes and hunt for them on to screen print baby t-shirts?” I researched Etsy. I love vintage silhouettes and hunt for screen printing and Adobe Illustrator and D O Y O U R EMEMB E R THE FIR ST taught myself how to do it. I knew if I could P I EC E Y O U EVE R DE SIGNE D? make just $100 a week, I would be happy. WH AT WAS Y O UR INSPIR ATION Quickly, it became so much more than I F O R I T ? My first piece was a grey A.A. could have imagined. I love vintage silh t-shirt with the wo ɑ̃q)́e=ɅtݥѠ)ѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕѕ́ɹа䁑ɅݸɅ$݅ͻeа)] H$L T<0