La Petite Summer Print issue 8 - Page 112

collaboration with our print designers. We decide Teen Doodles T-shirt for boys is one of my absolute on which all over prints to go with and what designs favorite pieces. It has that street edgy feel to it, loads that are best suited for the different deliveries. When of humor and it speaks volumes about our design the proto samples arrive, we fit the samples on our approach at Molo. On the girls’ side, I love the in-house models to make final corrections before we Poetry in motion dress, Cixi. It has a sporty reference receive our sales samples five months later, ready to coming from the stripes and contemporary feel be presented to our buyers. on them on them with the batwing sleeves. The oversize fit creates a them on contrast that keeps it interesting. on them on them F RO M C O N C EP T T O P R O D U C T I O N , on them on W H AT I S Y O U R FAVO R I T E PART ? The start on them on them on them on on on them on them on them on D O Y OU REMEMBER TH E F IRST PIE C E is, of course, always very interesting and inspiring. Y O U EVER DESIGNED ? W H AT WA S Getting the final samples home is like opening Y O U R INS PIRATION F O R IT? It all started presents at Christmas Eve. on them on them with a jacket with sewn-on knit pockets shaped like them on mittens that made every little childish soul go weak in W H AT AR E Y O U R B ES T T I P S FO R the knees. The next year it was a jumper with a lovely BA L A N C I N G WO R K AN D P ER S O N AL but humorous cow print that stole the show from all L IF E ? That’s a difficult one – and I think for most the other tops in the children’s store. This trend has people nowadays. However, the trick must be that continued, making the clothes so attractive among work should feel like your hobby because then it is our fans that the same pieces are sold again and never too much. on them on them again as second-hand at very high prices. on them on them on t on them W H AT I S Y O U R FAVO R I T E T H I N G AB O U T on them on on them on them on on D O Y OU HAVE A FAV O RITE PIE C E ? The on them on them on them on on them on hem on them on C A N YOU TELL US A BO U T YO U R W O RK I N G I N T H I S I N D U S T RY ? Working D E SI GN PROCESS ? It always begins with an with kids and fashion at the same time is very inspirational trip to some of the fashion capitals of the rewarding because you get the pulse from the world: London, Paris and New York. This time, our fashion scene but in an unpretentious environment. heads of design traveled to London to find inspiration There is nothing better than to get a message from a in the vibrant and multi-cultural fashion scene that mom saying that her child will not take the new Molo London offers. “I always come back inspired with clothes off but wants to sleep in it. How cute is that? a multitude of ideas from observing people. How on them on them people combine colors, what fits they wear and IF YO U C O U LD G O B AC K I N T I ME T O how they mix different trends as well as high street, TH E CR EAT I O N O F MO L O AN D G I VE contemporary and luxury fashion is a never-ending YO U R S EL F O N E P I EC E O F AD VI C E, source of inspiration. Inspirational trips are vital to W H AT WO U L D I T B E? Actually, it would be to kick start the creative thought process”, says Louise do it all over again. Everything is a learning process Klausen. Hereafter starts the design process in close and once you stop learning you stop developing! on them on on them on L A PE T I T E M A GA Z I N E | 1 0 9