La Petite Special Issue 7 - Page 69

Zion, gave me the right motivation to start is a continuation of the previous summer a childrenswear brand. Right in my living SS16; inspired by the iconic, classic tale of room, completely from scratch, and on my “Alice In Wonderland” celebrating its 150th own, I started to put down a few designs. anniversary. It’s a new chapter shaped and I made quite a few mistakes during these designed with new exciting details. years, but slowly with many sleepless nights, and with the help of my partner, D O Y O U H AVE A FAVO R I T E Sep (who is involved more and more in the P I EC E? My favourite piece is the girl business, being my supporter, my adviser, dress with Hearts appliqué. It’s minimal, the brand photographer, and anything else simple, and at the same time very cool. I’m asking and nagging him for) we created what has been my lifetime dream. WH AT MES S AG E D O Y O U H O P E T O C O MMU N I C AT E W H E R E D O ES T H E N AME C O ME T H R O U G H T H I S C O LLEC TION? F RO M? “Loud” came from the concept It’s not a particular message we want to and aesthetic of what we felt the brand communicate, but rather we just want to embodied. With its bold graphics, the use translate what the brand is and has been of black, and quirky styles, along with the since its start; a brand that stands true to fact that it’s a Childrenswear brand and its unique personality, a distinctive look, and children are often loud-voiced and noisy, we being at the forefront of their conceptual feel the name truly represents the spirit of vision. our brand. WH AT I S Y O U R I D EAL, C RE ATIV E WHERE IS LOU D A PPA RE L H O W D O ES LO U D AP PAR EL EN VI R O N MEN T FO R P R O DUCING BAS ED? We are based in the super F U SE B R I T I S H AN D I TALI AN D ES I G N S ? Well, when producing new trendy East London area, Dalston. This IN F L UEN C ES I N I T S D ES I G N ? I designs, I like to have a peaceful and area was, once upon a time, one of the am Italian, from Pisa, Tuscany but moved relaxed environment. Often, with putting most deprived areas of London, but lately to London nearly 18 years ago when I down first ideas, I have to be on my own, in regenerated and now is full of the most was more rebellious and looking for more the studio, and with classical music playing creative, cool, and fashionable people. adventure. During these years of living in the background. I adore classical music. I in London, I acquired the quirkiness, did ballet for nearly 14 years growing up. It’s WILL YOU TE L L U S A BO U T H O W craziness, and edge that London offers. something that I’ll never forget. LOUD APPARE L BE GA N ? Loud But, with that said, I still have the simplicity Apparel began nearly 6 years ago. After and beauty of the Italian style (recognized D O Y O U H AVE AN Y U P C O 4%9()Ց她Ёѡ1 ͡()ݽɱݥݥѡɽ՝̸ٕ()@H<( PLP Pd