La Petite Special Issue 7 - Page 50

FINN, 6 yrs, grade 1 STEFANIA, 5 yrs, kindergarten FAVORITE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL?‚ÄčI like to do the little tasks the teacher FAVORITE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL? Art. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO writes down every week that has to be finished at the end of the week. DO IN THE SUMMER? Swimming and playing with my friends. ANY GREAT And when I finish them all, I can work on the computer solving prob- TIPS YOU CAN GIVE YOUNGER KIDS THAT ARE MOVING UP INTO YOUR lems in an instructed game or quest. So I try to get my tasks done very GRADE? Get all of your school supplies ready. It's fun!!!! quickly. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN THE SUMMER? I like to swim in our pool and play outside in our garden with my sister and brother. I enjoy also riding by bike with the family and take a stop to eat an icecream on the way. ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS? Make some preparing exercises on reading, writing and maths. It can be helpful... and if you have any doubts, rely on your teacher, parents and friends, they can help you for sure...and ... go with the flow. 48 | LA PETIT E MAGA ZINE