La Petite Special Issue 7 - Page 46

Q&A WITH / NICOLA OF CISSY WEARS W H E R E ARE YOU FRO M ? I - cool, edgy, stylish, with an urban was born in South East England and minimalist vibe; grey and black. have been living in London for the past twenty years. W H AT W E RE TH E FI R S T BRA N D S YO U F E AT U R ED I N W H E R E IS YOUR BRA N D YO U R SH O P? The first brands B ASE D? We are based in South East I opened the shop with were Beau London, in a little suburb called Hither LOves, Mini Rodini, New Generals, and Green. Popupshop. W ILL YOU TELL US ABO U T D O YO U H AV E A FAVO R I T E H O W CISS Y WEARS BE G A N ? PIE C E IN YO U R S T O R E? My It began in 2012 after I was inspired to favorite pieces this season are from start my own company after missing The Animals Observatory - the dolphin out on a position with a big children’s dress and sheep fluffy baby fashion online retailer. suit, especially! W H AT IS THE INS PIRATIO N W H AT D O E S A T Y P I C AL D AY B E H IND THE BRAND N A M E ? L O O K L IKE F O R Y O U ? A heady It’s named after my daughter Cissy and balance of looking after four kids and a simple blog I started as a moodboard not getting enough work done pretty to her daily outfits. much sums it up. N I C O LA, HAVE YOU A LWAYS W H AT’ S YO U R FAVO R I T E B E E N INTERES TED I N D AYTIM E L O O K F O R FASH ION OR BEING IN TH E H A N G IN G O U T IN T H E C I T Y ? FASH ION INDUS TRY? I mostly wear black, so you’ll likely find Honestly, no. I’ve always worked within me in something minimal, streamlined, creative fields and to a certain level and easy to breastfeed in. fashion was a part of that. But it was only since having children that I began D O YO U H AV E A N Y to get a real interest in clothing. I’m U PC O M IN G PRO J EC T S T H AT probably now more aware of wider YO U C A N SH A RE WI T H U S ? fashion trends in the adult world too. We are hopefully launching our brand new website very soon which I cannot H O W DO YOU FEEL UK wait for. It’s been more stressful than all C U LT URE INFLUENCE S YO U R my kids and the shop put together! D E SI GNS? I’d like to think the clothes we sell represent London 44 |