La Petite Special Issue 7 - Page 29

Q&A WITH / LAIA AGUILAR CAN YOU TE L L U S A BO U T feel a great fondness for, which prompted D O Y O U H AVE AN Y T I P S ON YOUR DES IG N PRO C E SS? I me to revisit the idea of the bowler hat and MAN AG I N G Y O U R WO R K LIFE begin by drawing all kinds of ideas in my feature it as part of the logo for the TAO AN D P ER S O N AL L I FE? The eternal sketchbook, taking inspiration from things WORKERS line. Bowler hats are gorgeous challenge!! Truthfully, it’s very difficult. that I have seen and liked in recent months, pieces; they have a natural ability to People think the world of fashion is such as movies, photos, illustrations, transmit both a sense of seriousness and frivolous and dissolute. But it’s not, you etc. When I have hit on the concept that of fun. have to work, work and work some more. gives shape to the whole collection, I start And that’s not always compatible with a to work on firming up and blending the W H AT I S Y O U R P ER S O N AL happygolucky family life. My way of trying patterns, prints and colours. It’s a thrilling GO T O L O O K ? Jeans and Tshirt. Simple to combine both without too much stress process, like that of a poet rewriting verses as that. hinged on moving to the country. Living again and again to express exactly what and working in the country has really they want to say. I always discover new D O Y O U H AVE AN Y C H I LD R EN ? things about myself during that process of W H AT AR E T H EI R AG ES ? Yes, research. Pablo is 10 and Adriana is 6. helped with finding that family life balance. AR E T H ER E AN Y U P C O M ING P R O J EC T S T H AT Y O U C AN DO YOU HAV E A FAV O RITE W H AT D O ES A T Y P I C AL D AY S H AR E WI T H U S ? Yes! We ITEM FROM YO U R L ATE ST L O O K L I K E F O R Y O U ? It is a very were involved in a collaboration with COLLECTIO N ? It’s very difficult to simple life. I get up at 7.00 am, I read the Apartamento magazine on a garment choose! The thing I like best is combining newspaper, and chat with my husband. with an illustration by Stefan Marx that outfits, because it is the outfits that Then I go for an hour’s run in the forest. will be available in Colette, and, in the enable you to visualise the concept of I take my children to catch the school FW16 collection, we’ve joined forces with the collection with greater clarity and bus. I come home, and go down to the the model and designer Vanesa Lorenzo, perspective. It’s like when you stand back offices where my team and I work until the who has created an elegant and exquisite to look at a painting from a distance to get afternoon. Then my husband and I take the capsule collection. And with the PèPè the overall picture. dog for a walk in the forest, I play with my Children Shoes brand. Both Jan and I want children, make dinner in the evening, I like The Animals Observatory to be a hub for DO YOU RE M E M BE R TH E F IRST to kick back and watch a series on HBO or designers and brands from all around the PIECE OF C L O TH IN G YO U E V E R Netflix. We go to bed at 11.00 pm. world. Being able to delight in the talent of DESIGNED? Yes! It was a shirt with a others is one of the lovely things about my bowler hat design on it. It was a design I profession. L A PET I T E M A GA Z I N E | 2 7