La Petite Special Issue 7 - Page 115

Q&A W I T H / OLLI E | S | OUT be in my notebook, a hotel notepad, or on the back standards. It is the most important factor for us that of whatever piece of small paper to be found in arm’s all products are safe; not only to meet the standard, length. I get ideas for new products when changing but in the design as well. The round edges of the Ollie, putting him to sleep, and watching him play. furniture are not only for design, but to avoid serious The esthetics inspiration comes from the world our injuries for stumbling toddlers. The drawer on the family lives in; our garden, our books, the street we side of the changing table is for parents so they are live in, dinner we go out to, dinners we stay in for, not having to step as much as one-step away from the travels we go on and so on. Doodles turns to the baby. Also bearing the parents in mind, the baby sketches, which become prototypes to be tested bed has three different height setting, in order for and corrected to have the final production ready. one to spare ones back when lifting love bugs out of the bed. All development has been from a mom’s IS T H E FURNITURE M A D E RIGH T TH E RE point of view for the most important little person in IN C OPENHAGEN? We work together with an the world. amazing company in East Europe. We have worked together many years prior to this and know each W H AT D O ES A T Y P I C AL D AY L O O K L I K E other very well and know the high criteria which must F O R Y O U R T EAM AT O LLI E| S | O U T ? A be met in order to have the perfect outcome. typical day is flying off to Paris to meet with the people of Maison&Object Fair about attending the W H E R E DO YOU S OU RC E YO U R next venue… well, we wish. We are lucky enough MAT E RIALS? When developing new products to have those days, but mostly we are in front of many hours are spent investigating materials and our computers, talking with, or even better, visiting suppliers. For example, when choosing a supplier with customers. We also communicate or visit our for our leather changing pads it was of the utmost suppliers, which is actually quite fun; it often means importance to find leather that did not contain any we are checking out new prototypes. dangerous dyes. We found the perfect match in another Danish company, Sorensen leather. They D O YOU H AVE AN Y U P C O MI N G spend a great deal testing and sourcing the right PRO JEC T S O R P R O D U C T S T H AT Y O U tans. Quality will always be a top priority for us. We C A N S H AR E WI T H U S ? The year 2017 will believe our customers have the same high standards be full of new projects for Ollie|s|Out. We will be as we do. attending large international fairs. We have a junior bed coming up and we have many other exciting, H O W IS QUALITY MA IN TA IN E D A N D however, a bit more secret projects in pipeline. We SA FE TY ENSURED W ITH YO U R are looking into innovative materials for a completely P ROD UCTS? All furniture and interior products new products line and could not be more excited from Ollie|s|Out meets the strict requirements of EU about it. L A PE T I T E M A GA Z I N E | 1 1 3