La Petite Special Issue 7 - Page 114

QUESTION&ANSWER WITH / OLLIE|S|OUT soon after the baby bed. I must say it has been a lot of hard work and many hours spent, but we are in love with this new adventure and wouldn’t change it for the world. WH ER E D O ES T H E N AME COM E FR OM ? When Ollie was a baby, my boyfriend and I, would walk many miles with the stroller in the streets of Copenhagen; fresh air, a coffee to go, and the baby asleep. We would look at each other with smile on our face and say with satisfaction, Ollie´s Out. We thought it was cute and very personal to us, and therefore was chosen for the name of the company. WH AT I S T H E D ES I G N P HILOSOPHY OF O LLI E| S | O U T ? Esthetic and safe. Being a first time mom the world changes from a place that seemed like W H E RE IS O L L IE | S | O U T B AS ED ? Ollie|s|Out is your personal playground to a world of extreme danger based in Copenhagen. for this precious little one. While thinking about safety, W W W.O L L I E S O U T.C O M the edges soon became rounded and thoughts went 112 | W IL L YO U TE L L U S AB O U T H O W T H E into choo