La Petite Issue 19 - Page 73

E R toys that were special and kept forever - turned best IF YO U C O U LD G O B AC K I N T I ME T O friends, confidants and a source of comfort - not TH E CR EAT I O N O F MER MAG AN D G I VE to be discarded once the latest new trendy plastic YO U R S EL F O N E P I EC E O F AD VI C E, flashy toy hit the market. My children and their W H AT WO U L D I T B E? Get help and delegate. interests inspire me. Nature, and recycling materials I try (and still try) to do too many things on my own. is inspiring to me. And story. I love finding the story in Which is never a good mode of operandi. It leads things. I find that a bit of background makes things to burn out. So I'd tell myself to collaborate, simplify so interesting and it's what I try to do with my dolls, and streamline more. Oh and i'd tell myself to just go Each one has their own unique story. on the for it! Those fears that seem so so big will eventually them on them on on them o m on n them on seem either quite silly or small years later- so don't W H AT ARE YOUR BEST TIPS F O R let them hold you back! on them on th em on B ALANCING WORK A N D PE RSO N A L them on LIFE ? Oh goodness. Just let go of the idea that it's A RE T H ER E AN Y EX C I T I N G P R O J EC T S all going to be per X YHYZH\H\HSHHHHUHHHܙX[IH[XY[H[K[YHYZHHHHH]H[ܙH[IHۈH܈^Z[]^HY[ܚ[^][]XZ[] ܈^[\HB]HZ][\܈ˈHY\\[^\[Z]YY][ۈ[و[[\ \H[H[X[[ۈ]X]\[]^H][YHH]]H H܈HY^\Hۈ[BۙKHYX[[H[ IXۈ\ۈ[B[][ۜ\][Z[H[HY[Z\Y UTQSHH’HHH\H]H[\[ܚ]H[HTHQSHHSTB[\HH[HZHHܚ\^H\[HUH^HܘY^Y[[][[ˈHܚX[H\ HH H]HZH]^H[XYHZ\Hˈ^H]\ [[Y\[][\[Z[HˈH[H\HH]H[XIXܘ][ۈ]ܙ[[[Y\\BܙX]Y[[ܚY\]^HYˈ[Hۈ[Hۈ\H^][ڙX]YY[[Hܚ܂ۈ[Hۈ[Hۈۈ[Hۈ[Hۈݙ\HYX\]\XX[YH]YHYBۈ[Hۈ[Hۈ[Hۂۈ[Hۂۈ[HۈHHۂ[]HY]\ HUHHHHHHH